Shatei Kyokufuri – 21

Data.19 – Old Bowman, Facing the Strange Monster

The place that the elder led me to was the edge of the Windcloud Mountain.
Once we passed a wooden fence, the steep cliff was all that was ahead.
If you fell, there would be nothing to break your fall. It would be a straight journey to the bottom.

“The “Hundred-Eyed Demon Lizard climbs up these cliffs. And I want you to kill it before it reaches us.”

In other words, the quest was about defeating the enemy before it crossed the defense line.
Battles with time limits made me nervous.
You really felt the pressure as the enemy got closer and closer.

Besides, how were you supposed to attack an enemy climbing up a straight wall, when you were up here?
Perhaps it would be fine for the rear guard, but it would be nearly impossible for the vanguard.

“Don’t worry about a place to stand. We have used a secret art in order to prepare a special cloud for you.”

I see. I would be able to fight then.
Unlike normal clouds that would drift away, the clouds here could be controlled by shifting your center of gravity.
Lean to the right and you would move right. It was the same with the left.
And if you wanted to go down, just squat a little. If you want to go up, stand straight with your back stretched.
It was possible to control it quite intuitively.

“It’s like a Kintoun.”

And so I rode the cloud, crossed the wooden fence and moved away from Windcloud Mountain.
The enemy had yet to appear.

“Good luck!”

The elder said before disappearing.
It wasn’t a glitch.
The area had now become isolated as a ‘battleground.’
This was because this battle was part of the quest.

With the bosses that normally existed on the field, like the gorilla or Wincloud Dragon, you had the freedom of fighting or running whenever you wanted.
But it was different with quest bosses.
Once you accepted it, the event would continue, depending on the results of the fights. It didn’t matter if you won or lost.

The ‘battle area’ was surrounded by an invisible wall, so you could not use the cloud to run far away or return to the settlement.
You had to win or lose… The fight must continue until you reach either outcome.
…Well, that made things sound more gruesome than it was.

It was also to prevent the involvement of people who were not part of the quest.
That wouldn’t be a problem if they were party members who were doing the same quest, but if you were a complete outsider, you wouldn’t even be able to watch the fight.
As these quests had story elements as well, this was a good way to avoid spoiling players.

“Hmm? The sky has suddenly become darker…”

The sun descended and the moon rose. However, it was covered by clouds.
Instead, countless red paper lanterns appeared around the Windcloud Mountain, illuminating the entire place.
As I was now isolated, they were able to make these kinds of dramatic changes.


A sound that I found difficult to describe suddenly came from the darkness below me.
Apparently, it had arrived.
The Hundred-Eyed Demon Lizard. It was black as a shadow and had numerous eyes.
It started to climb up the face of the cliff.
At the same time, I saw the red eyes that covered its body.
They were so eye-catching, it was like they were begging me to target them.

However, while monsters with lots of eyes were hardly unusual, it was certainly much more unsettling to see on in VR.
People who had trypophobia would not be able to handle it.
Not only that, but it was a proper reptile as well, which could be rough for people who hated such creatures.
The monsters in this game were really designed so that you felt like you had to kill them no matter what.
And I meant that as a compliment.

“Lock! Multi-shot!”


The arrows hit ten of the eyes.
And the eyes closed after taking damage.
Like this, it was easy to keep track of which eyes you had to shoot.
And once I had hit all of them, something should happen.

“Lock! Multi-shot!”

The targets were large and its movements weren’t too fast.
There was no reason for me to miss.
And so I just needed to attack repeatedly.

After spamming ‘Multi-shot’ for a while, the change occurred.


The lizard let out a shriek, and then it started to stagger backwards.
And then it thrust out its long tongue towards the sky.
There was an especially large eyeball on the tip.

“Its weakness…!”

These eyeball type bosses showed their weakness after you attacked all of their eyes…
It was true even here.

“Windcloud Blast!”


A blast of wind shot down as if to push something.
The lizard retreated even farther.
But that wasn’t the only effect of this skill.
The arrows rode the wind, and their force and range increased!

“All-out Rapid Fire! In Fight Arrow!”

‘All-out Rapid Fire’ wasn’t a new skill. I just felt like saying it.
In any case, I had to keep shooting while its weakness was still exposed!

After a while, the lizard pulled its tongue back in and returned to climbing up the cliff.
Furthermore, smaller enemies that looked like eyeballs with bat wings had suddenly appeared everywhere.
There were around thirty of them.
However, they would all become victims of ‘Multi-shot.’
Not only were they weak, but they looked like the kind of enemies that would take extra damage since they were flying.

And so I just needed to repeat the same attacks.
Shoot the eyes around the body that had opened again, and then shoot at the tongue that came out after that.
The lizard continued to retreat, without being able to make any progress in its upward climb.
Eventually, it went all the way back to the ground.

However, at this point, its attack patterns changed.
The lanterns that floated around the mountain suddenly disappeared all at once, and instead, the lizard’s eyes started to glow red.
And so I prepared to escape.

If the eyes were glowing, it was obvious what was going to happen.
Eye beams.
Numerous red lights cut through the sky.
As they were beams, you didn’t have much time to move out of the way.
And so the cloud I was riding on was nearly cut in half. However, they were easy enough to dodge once you got the hang of it.

Once the lizard’s eyes fixed on me, it was a signal that a beam would come shooting towards my head.
However, if I was in a spot where our eyes wouldn’t meet, I could dodge the attacks easily.

After surviving the new attacks, I just had to repeat the same actions.
But repeating the pattern three times was not enough to defeat it.
This was a quest that you could only accept after defeating the Windcloud Dragon and acquiring the proof.
And so the lizard had a hefty amount of HP as well.

Furthermore, most strong enemies in MMOs were supposed to be fought with a party.
And since I was solo and lacked firepower, it would take some time, even when boosting my attacks with wind.
Without realizing it, I was walking down the road of hardship.

“Still, I somehow made it.”

The black shape that looked like a lizard’s shadow started to turn white. Then it dispersed into light.
The dark clouds in the sky faded away and the blue sky returned.

As there was an obvious pattern, it was easier than the Windcloud Dragon. However, these long battles were tiring.
I would have to get some rest after telling the elder about the results.

That being said, it was such a strange boss, that I was sure it would drop a rare item…but it didn’t. I didn’t even earn any gold.
Were all quest bosses like this?
It was a little disappointing…

Well, in any case, I had to go and tell the elder and finish up.

“Elder. I was able to defeat the enemy.”

“Yes, I know. I was quite impressed at how you handled the test.”

“Thank you… Uh, test?”

“I’m terribly sorry to have deceived you!”

The elder bowed his head and explained everything.
As this settlement was on such elevated land, it was isolated from the outside world.
At some point they started to trade with other towns. However, villainous people who had heard of the legend of the Windcloud Dragon had come with ‘fake proofs’ and tried to take advantage of the settlement’s tradition.

And the outside world had such high skills when it came to forgery. How were the people of the settlement supposed to tell them apart?
And so they decided to treat the visitors as guests for a day and then have them defeat a terrible beast.
And if they succeed, they would be accepted…

This terrible creature was in fact a type of large familiar that was being controlled by the people of the settlement.
In other words, it wasn’t an actual monster.
So that’s why there weren’t any drop items or gold.
And since it was made by people, it was weaker than the Windcloud Dragon.
It all made sense.

“I understand the reason now. And I’m not angry. I feel a lot better now that I know. Well, I’ll be leaving…”

“Please wait!”


“We do more for those who have the true proof. It’s not just a discount at the inn!”

I see, it was still just a discount.
It wasn’t like you could stay for free after the test.

“First, please accept these two items!”

“This…Windcloud equipment!”

“Yes. I think you have already acquired the ‘Haori,’ ‘Hakama’ and ‘Tabi’ from the Lord Windcloud Dragon, and we are supposed to choose the rest and hand it to the person who has the ‘proof.’”

In other words, the Windcloud Dragon dropped the same thing no matter who defeated it, but the equipment you received at the settlement was different depending on the person.
In my case, it took into account that I was an archer.

◆ Cloudpiercer Archer’s Glove
Type: Arms(Glove)
Attack: 35
Defense: 15
Range: 50
Weapon Skill: None

◆ Windstream Scarf
Type: Head(Scarf)
HP: 30
MP: 70
Weapon Skill: None

The Archer’s Glove was to protect your fingers when shooting.
It was made of very tough leather and covered three of your fingers.
While it would be comfortable enough when using the bow, any other movement would feel very restricting.

In spite of appearances, the gorilla fists were quite comfortable for subtle movement.
And while it didn’t affect range, it was also superior in terms of defense and skills.
But I couldn’t ignore the increase in attack power here.
There was also the fact that it was light, even though that part wasn’t included in its stats.
The gorilla fists were so big that they could act as a shield, but that meant they were also quite heavy.

Advantages and disadvantages.
I would probably end up alternating between the two depending on the need.

Then there was the scarf.
It was long and flowed in the wind.
Even just standing there, it looked very cool.
And I hadn’t even known that head gear affected your HP and MP.
As I used and recovered MP all of the time, it was pretty great to have it raised.

“Thank you for the wonderful equipment. I will use it well. Now…”

“One moment, please! There is still more…of the Windcloud equipment.”


“Allow me to take you to the treasure room. There, I will give the last item.”

So it wasn’t just five items to complete the whole set?
I wonder what the last item could be…

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