Shatei Kyokufuri – 5

Data. 5 – Old bowman, the hunt


The area outside of the town was rich with hunting grounds.

That being said, the places that a level 1 solo player could go were quite limited.

And so I searched the map for a low level hunting ground and eventually arrived in a forest.

The first thing that made an appearance was the wild rabbit monster that had tormented me earlier.

But I had enough neck biting for one day.

And so I calmly aimed with my bow and…

Kiririri…shu! Zhunk!

The arrow went right into its little head.

The rabbit turned into particles of light and then disappeared.

There was no blood.

In terms of gore, this game also allowed you to adjust the settings.

And so I put them on the lowest.

You could say I wasn’t a fan of it.

Looking at blood made me feel weak.

Still, that bunny had given me so much trouble, and now it was down in a single shot.

Yes, clearly the bow was a good fit for me.

I suppose getting a headshot made up for the lack of force.

“I just need to continue like this and level up.”

Level up to get upgrade points and increase my range all at once.

I could just raise it little by little, but I wanted to feel the difference clearly.

That seemed like it would be more fun.

 ◆ ◆ ◆

“Haa…haa…! Some of these monsters are dangerous…!”

Is this really a hunting ground for beginners!?

Why is this bear so big!

I couldn’t help but turn around and run away.

Bears were supposed to chase after people who ran, and so this would be a horrible tactic in real life.

However, there was nothing else I could do, as it already saw me as an enemy!

Not only that, but bears were apparently very fast!

It was catching up!

And while there was no penalty for dying yet, it would look bad for me to lose without having resisted at all.

So, I might as well try!

Kiririri…shu! Shu-shu!

Zhunk! Zuk-zuk!

I didn’t aim for the body that was thickly covered in hair.

I unleashed three arrows. In the eyes, which were always a weakness, and in that gaping mouth that was trying to eat me.

And just like that, it lost a third of its HP bar with every shot, and the bear vanished with a burst of light.

Alright, I looked pretty amazing now, I have to admit.

If only I had been like this when in that first party.

—Beep! You have gained the skill, ‘Infight Arrow.’

◆ Reason for acquiring.

‘Dangerous Shooting’

Killed an enemy at point blank with a ranged weapon.

Oh, I got a new skill.

And it sounds pretty cool, too.

I also got to level 5, so it’s a good time to use my points.

However, this is a dangerous place to be.

While I had managed to save myself, things would not go so well if another bear took me by surprise.

Was there somewhere safe that I could go?

Besides, I still wasn’t convinced that this place was for beginners.

Let me check the map again.

“Gah! Alright, it was for beginners. But for beginner parties… Damn it.”

Even if you were a beginner, there was a huge difference if you weren’t doing it solo.

It was no wonder the enemies felt stronger here.



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  1. Like yo, what’s with this difference. He sucked hard as a warrior and mage and yet he has Makoto from Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu levels of accuracy. What is with this change.

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