Shatei Kyokufuri – 5


Still, it was thanks to being in such a dangerous place, that my level had gone up pretty quickly. And that had resulted in me getting a new skill.

Perhaps it would be good to stay here for a while and train.

Ultimately, a harsh environment was what made people stronger… That’s the kind of line that made younger people hate you.

Well, no. Even older people hated it.

Who needed difficulty outside of the game world?

“Oh, that’s right!”

This is a forest. So I should rest in a tree.

There could be enemies up in the trees as well, but I would deal with it when the time came.

And so I searched for an especially tall one and somehow managed to climb it.

There were many branches to put your feet on. So even someone like me didn’t have too much trouble.

While I wasn’t very athletic in real life, my in-game avatar was at least a little stronger.

And since I wasn’t in a rush, there was no problem.

“Phew! What a great view!”

When I was at the top, I could see the horizon and the setting sun in the distance.

I always felt nostalgic when looking at a sunset.

When I had logged into the game, it was supposed to be morning.

Had I been playing for that long?

I wanted to hunt a little more. But perhaps it was time to return to my ‘real’ home.

In any case, I should check the skill and distribute my points first.

So I opened the window and put them all into Range.

No hesitation!

◆ Status

Name: Kyuji

Job: Archer

Lv: 5/20

HP: 50/50

MP: 50/50

Attack: 15     

Defense: 8

Magic Attack: 10     

Magic Defense: 6

Speed: 11 

Range: 25

Skill: [Infight Arrow]

25 points for 5 levels for extending my Range by 25 meters.

As the range of the ‘Beginner’s Bow’ was about 15 meters, that meant I could now shoot things that were 40 meters away.

That was already pretty incredible.

I could snipe at enemies from the top of trees, maybe.

It was as I was thinking this, that another bear-type monster appeared below me.

These were likely the strongest monsters in this forest. And so I didn’t know if I was lucky or unlucky.

In any case, I could try killing it from above.

But first things first. I had to check the skill.

[Infight Arrow]

Unleash a high power, but short range arrow.

Oh, dear. This was exactly the opposite of what I was trying to accomplish here.

But then again, maybe my extended range would make up for it. And I could still deal a lot of damage from this distance.

If anything, perhaps it was perfect for me.

Let’s try it out.

“Infight Arrow!”

Giririri…byu! Zhuug!

The arrow was so powerful that it even sounded different. And I was able to pierce through the bear’s skin.

While it didn’t oneshot it, I could tell that it did a lot of damage.

And my range was also different.

I hadn’t thought about it too much while I was climbing, but this tree was very tall.

I felt a little dizzy when looking down. How was I going to…

Well, nevermind that…

I was currently more than 15 meters above the ground.

That meant that the bear would be barely within range with a normal shot.

And when things were that far away, the shot wouldn’t be as powerful.

And so you wouldn’t be able to pierce through the bear’s skin.

And yet it did it so easily. I could hear it dig into the flesh…

It was a clean hit.

In conclusion!

The Infight Arrow really was powerful!

And my increased range made up for its single defect!

It used very little MP and so it could become a reliable main weapon!

What a great skill.

I didn’t get much in the way of gold or items, but this alone made my efforts worth it.

Now, time to return to town and logout for the day.

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    • [Giririri…byu! Zhuug!]

      Haha I made the sound effects with my mouth

      So the old man takes advantage of the developers’ lack of insight while programming the game to deal powerful blows against unsuspecting targets with an arrow, huh?

      I feel like he’ll lose his prided skill/ high range combo after a future update.

      [That meant that the bear would be barely within range with a normal shot.]
      * barely —> bearly

      [It used very little MP and so could become a reliable main weapon!]
      * so could —> so it could

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