Makai Hongi – 32

Chapter 32


○ Corps Commander Nehyor’s Adjutant, Milhe.

This country built by the great Lesser Demon King Melvis was a most comfortable place for us vampires.

Many of its residents were demons and monsters of the night.

Not only was my superior, Corps Commander Nehyor, a vampire, but the general above him was one as well.

While we vampires were among the elite of the Demon World, we were few in number.

And so by gathering together here in one place, we could protect our own and thrive.

Melvis was an Elder Vampire. This was well known.

“Commander Nehyor. Someone called Golan is here to see you. What should I do?”

“Golan? What could he want?”

His voice suddenly rose in pitch. He was happy.

“Perhaps I should send him away. It seems he has come without making an appointment.”

“Don’t do that, Milhe. Let him in… No, send him to the assembly hall.”

“The assembly hall?”

Many people often came to see Corps Commander Nehyor.

The room was used for such events.

“That room is the most durable. And do not come in until I call for you.”

“Yes, but…”

“Milhe. This is an order. I think something very amusing is about to happen and I do not want to be disturbed. If you do disturb me… Well, who knows what will happen to you.”

“…Yes. I understand. I will do as you say.”

“Thank you. That’s my adjutant. …Now, go and call Golan.”

And so it was no surprise when I started to hear the crashing and banging coming from the assembly hall.

So, this Golan was fighting Corps Commander Nehyor.

But why? I could not help but wonder.

After all, from what I had seen, this Golan had mana levels that were not so different from your average soldier. And he was just an ogre as well.

To fight against Commander Nehyor…it was folly. No, it was suicide.

Ogres were quite low in the hierarchy.

And the could not use magic. They relied completely on physical strength.

Not being able to use magic meant you were weak to magic attacks.

As the mana inside their bodies was only used to strengthen themselves, they had no magical resistance.

“…Still, it’s going on for a long time.”

They were still fighting.

Even if Corps Commander Nehyor was mischievous enough to not use any magic, the fight still should have ended within seconds.

That was how big and impenetrable the wall between a vampire and an ogre should have been.

“Milhe, come. I want you to clean up.”

So, he was calling me now.

I suppose he had made mincemeat of the ogre.

It was not difficult to imagine.

“Here I am.”

But the first thing I saw upon entering the room, was the ogre’s giant body.

I had not expected him to be so intact.

The state of the room proved that a fight had indeed occurred. So how was this possible?

And then I looked at my master…and was stunned.

He was missing an arm.

I frantically looked at the ground and saw an arm…and a hand!?

They were from Corps Commander Nehyor. I recognized them easily.

There was a thin sword on the ground a short distance away. He must have been cut with that!

Vampires weren’t known as one of the strongest species in the Demon World for nothing.

Our skin would repel most blades.

But perhaps ogres, with their incredible strength, would be able to cut to the bone.


Makai Hongi

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  1. Thanks for the chappie!!!

    “And [the] could not use magic. They relied completely on physical strength.”

    “And [they] could not use magic. They relied completely on physical strength.”

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