Makai Hongi – 32


However, that would be all. There should be no way that he could take off a limb.

What did this mean?

After the ogre left, I finished reattaching his arm.

“Ahh, it can move again. Thank you, Milhe.”

“No, I am just doing what any Adjutant would… But, Commander Nehyor…”


“You have lost so much mana. Is it because of the fight earlier?”

“Indeed. Golan was much stronger than I thought.”

“That ogre? But surely you could have ended him in a second if you used magic?”

“I don’t know. He never gave me a chance to use it.”

It was true. Magic required concentration.

While it was still very quick for us vampires, it might seem like an eternity when you were fighting one on one at such close range.

“Still, he is just an ogre.”

“Well, I wasn’t fighting too seriously. But then again, neither was he. He is still hiding something. And he didn’t even deny it. He must have some great secret.”


“Yes, it was very impressive. I look forward to seeing more. One is never bored when Golan is around.”

He was in a very good mood.

I did ask him about the results of the fight. Commander Nehyor had won.

This was a relief. But if this Golan wasn’t fighting seriously, there was no saying what would happen next time.

“Still, it is quite strange. I had assumed that he came here for my seat as Corps Commander.”

Apparently, this annoyed him.

“Milhe. You must remember his face.”

“If you say so, Commander Nehyor.”

I was his Adjutant.

During the battle, I had stayed here in order to protect his house and the town.

The battle had ended victoriously for us, and then that ogre became the new Commander.

They said he beat Guden, a High Ogre, in Gekokujyo.

(So, it was no wonder that people suspected he would target Corps Commander Nehyor next.)

Maybe this fight was just a precursor.

In that case, he might find a way to win and then return.

Well, no one would complain if an adjutant like me took care of him before that happened.

“I will not forget him. This Golan.”


His name was Golan. Yes, I remembered it.

As Corps Commander Nehyor smiled, so did I.

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