Makai Hongi – 82

Chapter 82

◎ Wild Hunt – Nehyor

Lesser Demon King Legras’s country was located to the east of Demon King Legard’s country.

This country had destroyed three countries ruled by Lesser Demon Kings within the last few hundred years.
And so Legras came to be known as a very ambitious Lesser Demon King.

Due to the fact that there were currently four Lesser Demon Kings living in the country, and that the lands were relatively big, the surrounding countries were very cautious of them.

This was an ambitious country that would bite back with a vengeance if you crossed them. That’s what they said to each other.

One night.
A certain company came to this country after crossing the border from Great Demon King Bihashini’s country.

There was something strange about them indeed.
They were all dressed in black. And while they were few in number, it was clear that they were well organized.

If that was the only thing that was odd, one might just assume that they were soldiers who were hiding their identity.
However, there was something else that separated them from others. This company brought death wherever they went.

“…Phew. We finally crossed the border. What a trial that was.”
Nehyor laughed as he talked about how he hadn’t traveled so much in a long time.

It was with a company of Ghost Knights, Skull Mages, and Dullahans.

Together, they had raided multiple villages as they made their way to this country.
But what was especially heinous, was the fact they took trophies of their victims.

Some were impaled on their blades, while others had just parts of their bodies strapped to the sides of the horses.

And like this, with Nehyor in the lead, the gang in black headed straight to the castle where Legras lived.

Once the eerie company entered the castle, they continued on to the throne room.
Of course, Nehyor walked in the front.

No one tried to stop him.
Their eyes just widened in surprise, and they could not move.

Legras, who sat on the throne, was the first person to look Nehyor in the eye.

“Ah, it’s been a while.”

It was a very casual greeting.
Was this the proper way to treat a Lesser Demon King?

And then Nehyor approached the throne.
Legras’s guards were so taken aback by this, that their hands went to their weapons.

As for Legras himself, he calmly got up to his feet and walked straight to Nehyor…and went down on one knee, like a subject.

“Welcome back, Lord Nehyor.”

“Hmm. You’ve done well, Legras.”
“I am unworthy of such praise.”

Nehyor and Legras. What had happened between these two?
These days, very few knew the answer to that question.

After all, three hundred years had passed.
And while many of the higher races could live longer than that, most would have retired.

Nehyor and Legras had a close friendship that no one could come between.

“Allow me to return it then.”
A streak of light shot out of Legras’s chest. It swirled around Nehyor before entering his body.

It was proof of the connection to the Orb of Control.

“It seems to be working fine.”
“I, Legras, have been waiting most impatiently for what seemed like an eternity for your return, Lord Nehyor. And now that wish has come true.”

Suspicion and puzzlement filled the room.
What did he mean?

“Indeed. That is fine. …Still, he just wouldn’t wake up. And so it took so long.”

“Yes, that is true. But then how did you ask him?”
“At first, I intended on waiting until he woke up. But then I wondered if there might be some record he kept, and I started to search. That’s when I learned of his old diaries. And I couldn’t help but hope.”

“I see. And you ended up being quite right about it.”
“Exactly. Had I been wrong, I would have pretended like nothing had happened and returned.”

“Then I am glad it was not the case. A great load has been lifted from my shoulders.”

“Mmm. Thank you for everything. However, there are two things I will require now, and you will have to help me.”

“I see. So your greatest wish will take a little longer to be realized?”
“Yes. But things should speed up if the Demon World is thrown into chaos. And so we shall be very busy.”
“I am looking forward to it. Of course, I will follow you, Lord Nehyor.”

“I knew I could count on you, Legras.”
Nehyor said with a laugh as he sat down on his throne.

He ignored Legras, who bowed his head. What was currently on Nehyor’s mind was the contents of the diary that he had been reading while on the road.

Lesser Demon King Melvis’s diary contained the history of how he came to be an Elder Vampire.
However, it was not written with exact details.

Nehyor had read the diary over and over again. And after considering the situation before and after the evolutions, he was able to set up a hypothesis.

It was something too reckless to even consider.

The Magic Stone of a Demon King and the Life Stone of a resident of the Celestial World.
By taking both of these into your body at the same time, a Vampire may rise to the next step in their evolution.

(Taking in just one of them will result in the eating away of your flesh. Furthermore, these two stones must be the same size. These requirements are rather severe.)

When a resident of the Demon World is killed, the power within the Magic Stone becomes a part of that person.
That was why a resident of the Demon world could expand their vessel for the Orb of Control when they killed an enemy.
But that was no good. A powerless Magic Stone would be pointless.

In other words, for Nehyor to get the Magic Stone that he needed, he would have to extract the stone right before the Demon King died.
It was hard to imagine how difficult such a task would be.

“Well, I think I’ll manage. The real problem is the Celestial World. I won’t be able to acquire a Life Stone unless there is another great invasion.”

Besides, would a resident of the Celestial World who was just as powerful as a Demon King really come down? It would be almost too convenient.

“No, it’s not likely to happen as things are now. The Demon World needs more chaos. Wars must erupt on all corners of the world. Yes, I must create a situation where the lands are crawling with Demon Kings, or I won’t be able to defeat one.”

Nehyor had no intention of waiting for the right time.
The more chaos there was, the more ‘new’ Demon Kings there would be.
And the newer ones would be easier to defeat.

If a hole would open in the heavens at the same time, he would be able to take advantage of the chaos and easily cross borders and reach it.

In other words, the only thing on Nehyor’s mind now was how he could throw the Demon World into a vortex of chaos.

“How should I do it… It’s going to be so fun.”

Nehyor could not stop smiling as he imagined the world bathed in blood.

On that day, the name ‘Lesser Demon King Nehyor’ quietly appeared on the Tablet of Control.

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  1. So I guess Nehyor was originally a lesser demon king before giving his position to a subordinate as a placeholder so he could hide his identity.

    So he needs 2 stones to become an elder vampire? There’s 3 possibilities I see happening once he gets the stones: 1) Farneze ends up taking the stones and becoming an elder vampire instead. 2) Golan accidentally winds up eating the stones and evolves into some new species. 3) Nehyor manages to use the stones to become an elder vampire only to get almost immediately killed by Golan.

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