Cave King – 188

Chapter 188 – We Formed an Alliance!

Two days passed after the attack of the Lance Bee horde.
In the meantime, there were no new attacks as we had feared.

That being said, there was no saying when they might come again.

And so as a new countermeasure, we decided to adopt Baris’s suggestion of increasing the patrol range around Sheorl.

However, as we did not have enough boats, it was decided that we would do it from the air, by using the Mado Armor.

Mappa then suggested that he could make some Wyvern-type Mado Armors. They would be in the perfect shape for the Wyverns to ride, and allow them to fly in the air at high speeds.

Like this, we would be able to quickly detect an enemy attack. That would mean more time to prepare.

Currently, I was watching the Wyvern Mado Armors flying in the air above Sheorl as part of their training.

One moment it seemed that they had disappeared into the horizon, and in the next instant, they were back near Sheorl.

“Woah! They can fly much faster than ordinary Mado Armors.”

Rienna stood next to me as she nodded.

“Ashton and Haines’s armor was very fast as well, but these are even faster.”
“Aye. Well, they are Kobolds, so they would be faster on land. However, what a sight this is.”

Ten giant objects with iron wings were forming a formation in the sky.
The humans of the continent would surely be shocked if they could see this.

Of course, I and the people of Sheorl were starting to get used to seeing such unusual sights… But even then, there were some, especially the monster children, who looked up with sparkling eyes.

Alyssa, who stood to my left, was also stunned.

“To think that such things could be made so easily…”
“I’m surprised too… Well, it’s really because of how capable Mappa is. By the way, how are things in Arancia?”
“Thankfully, the food situation has become quite stable. Even if you just count the frozen fish, we can feed the people for two days.”
“I see. Then we’ll continue to supply you with fish from now on. And what about the Mado Armors?”
“Yesterday, we finished constructing ten of the armors. The Guardians then selected people who could use magic and started to train them. Since they are riding the armor, it seems that the force of their magic is strengthened. I myself have been practicing riding them.”
“I see. That’s good to hear. And what of the attacks?”
“Not any yet… But judging by the pace they have come in the past, it should be any day now.”
“When it does happen, you can count on our help. Don’t worry.”

Rienna nodded at this.

“It will be fine. We have the Mado Armors now, and will drive them back.”
“Thank you…Lord Heal and Lady Rienna. As the representative of Arancia, I am grateful to all the people of Sheorl.”

Alyssa bowed her head low.

“You’re welcome. Now that I think about it, I was supposed to give you something before you leave.”
“Oh, yes… Ah, here it is!”

Rienna said as she pointed at the sky.

There was Heath and Garuda. And behind them were several Lance Bees. They were flying towards us.
They were carrying pots. And they put them down neatly on the ground.

There were two different types of content. Some had honey and others contained leaves from the World Tree.

I opened the lid of one and turned to Alyssa.

“Previously, you seemed to really enjoy the tea with honey. And since there are more bees now, we have them make honey.”
“We’ve been sending you a lot of fish, but nothing sweet. And while it’s not much, I hope that you all enjoy it.”

Said Rienna. Heath and Garuda seemed to be in good spirits as they also pointed to the pots. They must have been proud of how it had turned out.

Alyssa saw this and fell silent for some time. And then she opened her mouth with a resolute expression.

“After spending time with you and the others, and coming to this island, I feel like I’ve come to understand you well. You all…”

Don’t expect anything in return. That was probably what she wanted to say.

She would have thought that what we were offering was not equal to mushrooms.

Indeed, perhaps it seemed excessive if mushrooms were all we wanted.

I decided to reply honestly.

“Yes…I think it’s probably as you are thinking. We all suffered before getting to this point. And so we can’t abandon someone who needs help…”
“It’s just a natural feeling. Wanting to help others.”

Added Rienna. I nodded in agreement.

“Alyssa, surely you felt like that when you left the safety of the holy place? In other words, we are all the same.”
“Lord Heal… Hehe. Yes. Ever since we met, I felt a certain familiarity with you. You rushed to our aid and did everything that you could. There was no way that I could think you were merely here to trade.”
“Our bodies move before our mind has… Well, we’re all just very alike.”

I said. And Alyssa laughed in agreement.

“But helping you also helps us. About that… It might be difficult for you to understand, but will you listen to what I have to say?”

And so I told Alyssa about the prophecy. And about how I thought that the black rain and tentacles that ate away at Arancia were a foretaste of what’s to come.

Alyssa looked troubled as she crossed her arms.

“The black tentacles that infected the bee horde. And the miasma they unleashed…if that too is just an omen…”
“Aye. It’s not just Arancia, but similar things are likely happening in other places… Well, that is what I think.”
“But the possibility must be high. The attacks on our country are large in scale, and then this bee horde that came to Sheorl. If this was happening in other countries and continents…”

Alyssa seemed to believe my words.

Most people would not believe any talk of prophecies. I was sure that leaders from countries who haven’t been attacked yet would just snort at me.

However, Alyssa and her people had been on the brink of extinction. And so after experiencing such a thing, they could not confidently say that the same wasn’t happening elsewhere.

“And so it’s necessary to be able to fight against the black tentacles in other lands as well. We need to share information and help each other with resources and technology… And I want you and the people of Arancia to be part of that network. If something ever happens to Shoerl or there is another country in need, you can help.”

It wasn’t just one-sided assistance.
Sheorl would help Arancia, but if Sheorl was ever in danger, then the people of Arancia would help us.

Alyssa nodded without hesitation.

“Of course. While it’s not much, we will help you.”
“Are you sure? You don’t have to discuss it with the others?”
“No one will be against it. After all, we all owe you a great debt. To put it formally, it would be called a military alliance, yes? And if it’s not just Sheorl, but other countries join as well, then we will feel even safer. I look forward to this alliance.”
“Thank you, Alyssa. I’m looking forward to it too.”

And so we shook hands.

This was our first ally with a common enemy. And I was sure that this alliance would be a great advantage to both Sheorl and Arancia.

However, just then, Haines teleported in front of us.

He had been able to travel so quickly by using both his own speed and a Teleportation Stone.

Haines fell on one knee and spoke in a calm voice.

“Master Heal. And Miss Alyssa. Arancia is under attack.”
“So it’s come… Alyssa. Let’s go.”
“Aye! I too will fight inside of a Mado Armor!”

And so we rushed towards Arancia.

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  1. What? They made wyvern mechs for their wyverns to pilot? Weird.

    Watch the people in the holy place opposing this alliance or trying to demand they become the leaders.

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