Makai Hongi – 184

Chapter 184

Go and meet Demon King Tralzard?
No, no, no. Someone like me would surely be killed.

Or not?
The difference between me and a Lesser Demon King was already so great. So to meet a Demon King… What would I even say?

I can’t talk about my hobbies. Uh, favorite food?
No, it was ridiculous. I couldn’t go.

However, I did want to know more about my race.
And I also wanted to learn about other countries.

“So you’ll tell me if I agree to go?”

“Mmm. As it is related to my master’s shame, I would not normally be allowed to speak of it. However, if you were to actually meet him, then you would have to know what subjects you can bring up and which you cannot, yes?”

“That’s true. I wouldn’t want to accidentally say something that hits a nerve.”
This was a dragon, after all.

“And so that will be my reason for telling you things that I wouldn’t normally be able to talk about. On the other hand, if you would like to know more, you will have to meet my master directly and ask him.”

“I see… I understand what you’re saying. And I think that it makes sense.”
Still, I have to meet a Demon King?

In video games, Demon Kings were like the last boss.
I really didn’t want to meet one…

“…So, what will you do?”

“I’ll meet him. I don’t want to meet him, but I will. If it has to do with my race, then I have no choice but to listen to it.”

“Hmm. That’s a good attitude to have. Now I can tell you. It’s a story that happened a long time ago…”
I gulped.

“But then again, where do you think I should start?”

“As if I’d know!”
She ruined it.

However, there was a lot to talk about.
She decided to start by talking about the relationship between Lesser Demon King Melvis and Demon King Tralzard.

“Thousands of years ago… Well, around four thousand, I believe. During that time, it was Lesser High King Yamato who ruled the greater part of the Demon World. And King Yamato had three very powerful subordinates. Do you know them?”

“Of course. I’ve only lived for seventeen years, but I know that much. There is Zardan the Madman, Melvis the Immortal, and Bargman the Dragon King. I heard that Zardan died in battle.”

“Mmm. Exactly. All three of them supported Yamato as Great Demon Kings. In fact, Bargman’s lands were in this very area.”

“Really? Didn’t he die of old age?”
It was an unusual way for someone to die in the Demon World. Most people were killed before they lived their entire lifespan.

“Mmm. He died over a thousand years ago. At the time, a young Tralzard served King Bargman.”

What!? So that’s where they were connected!

“I see. Both Dragons…”

“You noticed, eh? Yes, Demon King Tralzard and Bargman were the same race. So it would not be strange for him to have heard of the great war with the Celestial World, would it?”

So he was connected with someone who had witnessed that history.
This was the frightening thing about the races with long lives.

“I’m so shocked that I don’t know what to say.”

“Of course. And you can ask King Tralzard all about it when you meet. In any case, it is said that Lesser Demon King Melvis started his long sleep about three or four hundred years ago. I’m not sure of the exact time. After all, everyone outside of his country was too scared to get close to it. It was really just as we started wondering why King Melvis wasn’t attacking other countries anymore, that the truth came out.”

I didn’t know the details myself.
None of that information came down to us.

General Farneze likely knew, but she probably didn’t want to tell me.

“And since King Tralzard knew Bargman, who died a thousand years ago, he would of course, know King Melvis before his long sleep?”

“Indeed. King Tralzard even fought King Melvis after he became a Demon King.”

“What!? I’m surprised King Melvis came out alive.”

“Eh? Are you confused?”

“You are talking about someone who once rose to the position of Great Demon King. And though he lost much of his mana during the war against the Celestial World, it doesn’t change the fact that he was one of the strongest.”

“But…it’s a battle between a Lesser Demon King and Demon King, is it not? Surely that’s not a fair fight?”
I asked, and Miralda let out a deep sigh.

“…This is the part that involves my master’s shame. King Tralzard was not able to beat King Melvis.”
“Is that right?”

“Not only that, but every time that King Tralzard talks about that battle, he shakes like a fawn.”
So it was that scary. Miralda sighed again.

“A Demon King can shake?”

“Mmm. He could not lay a finger on King Melvis. This was someone who would invade other countries and destroy villages and towns just because he was in a bad mood. Resistance was meaningless. You could do nothing but just wait for your death.”

“And our country was no exception. A few of our towns and villages vanished. It wasn’t until several of King Tralzard’s subordinates were attacked, that he finally acted. Though it was with much hesitation.”

“And then what happened?”

“He led his army and marched towards King Melvis’s country. And then King Melvis intercepted them. Alone. And with just one special ability…”

“He did what?”
“Annihilated the army. The nearby town was destroyed as well. King Tralzard returned after losing half of his body. He was in tears.”

“In tears?”
“Indeed. Great orbs of sorrow were in his eyes.”

“It was something called ‘Snow of the End.’ It’s a black snow that covers the entire area. Everything that you can see. Not only that, but everything that touches it disappears. You cannot run away, as it fills your entire vision. And so the world becomes black, and everything fades away.”

“Then how do you deal with it?”

“It’s impossible. They say that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky on that day. But no matter how high you flew, the snow did not stop. If you wanted to escape, you had to get out of range. Of course, everyone disappeared before they could.”

“So you would have to defeat King Melvis?”

“It would have been so simple were that possible. As the snow fell, a drawn out battle meant defeat. Do you think fighting was even an option?”

“No…I don’t.”

“Strong scales and thick armor. All of it faded away. The only reason that King Tralzard was able to survive, was because he was towards the back of the army. And because he was much larger than the others. That is all.”

“Is that why you still call him King Melvis…”
“It’s because my master still calls him that.”

“…I’m uh, sorry.”
There was no reason for me to apologize, but I suddenly felt very bad for them.

“And so that was why it was decided that King Melvis’s country was never to be invaded. We did not want to experience that a second time.”

More importantly, Miralda did not want to see her master cry.

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