Makai Hongi – 185

Chapter 185

“Is it possible that Demon King Tralzard will just kill me due to this old grudge?”
After all, Melvis had done something quite horrible to him.

“That…will not happen.”

“You just averted your eyes! Is there really a danger?”
“…I don’t think there is. But it might depend on what we say. Who knows?”

“I’ll be going home now, thank you very much.”
I got up from my seat.

“Wait, Golan. Where are you going?”
“Let’s pretend that this conversation never happened.”

“Wait, it was only a jest. A jest… You will not be killed that quickly. So calm down.”

As I tried to leave, General Miralda grabbed my arm.
She was a Lesser Demon King. And I could not shake her off.

Well, it might be possible if I tried my hardest, but I didn’t have any intention of doing that.

“…Very well. I won’t run away, so please let go of me. Also, I will leave if I feel that I’m being threatened. So, you have something dangerous that you want to tell me?”

“I wouldn’t say that it’s dangerous… I think. But now you know the relationship between Lesser Demon King Melvis and my master, yes? Now I want you to meet King Tralzard and ask him about the Lesser High King Yamato’s war. After all, he has gone to your country a number of times before.”

It was obvious if you paid attention to how things moved in the Demon World. Kings were rarely completely independent.
They would team up with others who were of equal strength in order to defeat stronger enemies.

Such things were normal.

And so even now, alliances were being made and broken all over the Demon World.
It was not strange then for Tralzard to have gone to see Melvis.

If this was someone who had made him cry, then it was best to form an alliance as soon as possible.
After all, they were direct neighbors. It would be bad to leave things unsettled.

“By the way, why is my country so small? If he used to be a Great Demon King, shouldn’t his land be larger?”
In terms of size, we were one of the smallest.

“It seems that King Melvis had no interest in conquest at all. And so his lands were very small, even when he was a Great Demon King.”

“That means the boost he got from the Orb of Control…”
“Yes, there would have barely been a boost at all.”

Apparently, Melvis was strong enough without it.
It was no wonder he was able to drive back a Demon King.

“It’s my own country, and yet there are so many shocking things that I don’t know.”

“Well, even then, that country is abnormally small. He must have let go of his other lands at some point. However, no one seems to know anything about that. After all, it was a completely different age.”

“Indeed. Well, even if he did have more lands, it would only be the cause of more fighting. So I don’t think that it’s a bad thing.”

“Mmm. As for King Tralzard, he was then able to hear stories from both Bargman the Dragon King and Melvis the Immortal.”

“I see! So that explains it.”
Who else but him was able to hear stories from people who actually lived through that history?

It was possible because they lived so long. I had not thought about it before.

“That being said, I have not heard much from King Tralzard. But there was one thing that came back to me after I heard the name of your race.”
“My race… You mean Susanoo-no-Mikoto?”

I knew that it was from ancient Japanese mythology.
However, I never had any interest in that, and so I didn’t know anything besides that story about drifting to some port.

“No one knows what Lesser High King Yamata’s race was. Either it was meant to be hidden, or it was forgotten and lost in time. …Not only that, but descriptions that were left of his appearance are not very unique. In a way, like the humans from the Human World.”

“That’s surprising.”
I had expected him to be someone with more of an impact.

Like having twenty horns on his head.
Or having a mouth that went from ear to ear.

Most of the residents of the Demon World looked like monsters from a video game.
That was the standard, so people close to humans might stick out a little.

“Apparently, King Tralzard had heard the name of King Yamato’s race. But as it’s all hearsay, I don’t know if it’s true. And so don’t take everything as fact.”
“I understand. …So, what is it?”

“He said that it was Yamato Takeru-no-Mikoto.”

Ah…I thought.

So Yamato is his name, and his race was Yamato Takeru no Mikoto.
It was the same, and also a bit on the nose for my liking.

However, it sounded oddly credible when it came out of Miralda’s mouth.

Residents of the Demon World did not know of the Japan Chronicles or Records of Ancient Matters.
And so it was hard to doubt it when the exact name appeared like this.

“You don’t seem very surprised. I suppose it’s familiar to you?”
“No…uh…it does sound similar.”

‘Susanoo-no-Mikoto and ‘Yamato Takeru-no-Mikoto.’

It looked quite different in writing, but sounded similar when you pronounced it out aloud.
That was what had likely jogged Miralda’s memory.

“There are other reasons that I want you to meet King Tralzard and ask about the past. The battle against the celestial beings. King Tralzard once said that the Eira institution had targeted Lesser High King Yamato.”

“You mean it wasn’t just an invasion from the Celestial World that caused the war?”

“I don’t know any of the details. Though I did learn later that even the name ‘Eira’ was incorrect. But it was too late to change it, as that’s what they were known as in the Demon World.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”
“That name was heard while they were fighting. So it must have been misheard. That’s what a fallen one told me many years later. The name of the one great research institution is ‘Enra.’”

“Enra and not Eira? Well, that is very similar.”

“Aren’t they? They are similar, and this is an institution that doesn’t exist anymore, so it has no importance to us. However, I just thought it would be best for you to know their real name.”

“I see. I’ll remember it then…Enra.”

“Also, according to that fallen one, the leader of the Enra institution was called Hera. A lot of women worked at Enra, and so I can assume that Hera was a woman. Regardless, both her and King Yamato fought and ended up somewhere outside of this world.”

“They’re somewhere between time and space, right?”

“Who knows? No one saw them disappear. Where they went…well, all we know is that he is alive, as his name is still on the Tablet of Control.”

“So…King Yamato fought Hera of the Enra institution.”

“King Tralzard should know about that time. And so you can ask him all about it. Furthermore, I’m sure that King Tralzard also knows things about King Melvis. He wouldn’t tell them to me, but he might tell them to someone from the same country.”

“I’m not sure about that.”

“There is a possibility. Your race might be related to King Yamato. In that case, you might also be related to Eira. And if you are related to King Yamato and the Celestial World, then you are also related to King Melvis. And so I think you should go and meet King Tralzard.”

“Very well. I will meet him then.”

“Mmm. Good… Ah, I forgot to tell you, but we received a report from King Tralzard. It’s about the east.”

“The east. That’s where my country is.”

“Yes. Things are getting a little out of hand.”
Miralda’s expression darkened.

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  1. Now I’m wondering about something definitely indecent. If Golan’s new race is an one-of-a-kind one, then how someone like him gets to become a progenitor of a new race, if there is no partner of the same race for him? Mixing with Ogres? Imagine the size difference and the burden of pregnancy. And then what? A whole lot of incest?

    • From what was said about that bird lady it would most likely be that his race could mate with ogres, and the size difference doesn’t seem too bad. Ogres are durable, you know…

    • Origin species’ kids end up being born of that new race and their kids will also be born of that new race and so on and so forth. It’s not like both parents need to be of the new race for their kids to be born as the new race.

  2. I wonder then if Lesser High Demon King Yamato is actually the real Yamato Takeru?

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