Makai Hongi – 186

Chapter 186

“The report from King Tralzard contained details about the east side. Things are not going well.”

General Miralda’s expression darkened.
What did she mean? Was my country in danger?

“Is my country safe?”
What happened to the towns and villages?

“King Melvis’s country is fine. At least, for now.”
What a relief.
However, there seemed to be something else behind her words. And I started to feel anxious again.

“For now… Please tell me everything. What’s happening?”

“Indeed, you have a right to know. First, about the soldiers sent from our country. They succeeded in restraining the smaller countries like Rous and Kurulu. The enemy soldiers withdrew at once.”

Four countries had attacked my country simultaneously, but things seemed to have settled nicely.

After all, if King Tralzard was sending men, then all of their alliances would mean nothing.
General Miralda had prepared these soldiers specifically for the job of defeating Leninoth.

“It might have been different if these Lesser Demon Kings came out in person, but mere Generals and Corps Commanders are not enough.”
I let out a great sigh.

“Indeed. The enemy must regret their decision now. Regardless, all that is finished. The real problem is Lesser Demon King Leninoth.”

Leninoth ruled a large country that was to our north.
He had swallowed up three other smaller countries and was currently competing with Lesser Demon King Fara for dominance.

“Leninoth and Fara are fighting, and the winner is likely to become a Demon King. Has anything changed?”

“Your country had put together a very great army, and they clashed with Leninoth’s army. But the report said Leninoth was very cautious, and it was difficult to drag him out.”

“Difficult, but they still succeeded?”

“Yes, after several days. I won’t bother you with the details, but they used our soldiers to surround Leninoth, and after a vicious battle, they destroyed him.”

“Woah… They defeated Leninoth?”
“That’s what it says.”

“But that’s incredible news!”
To be honest, I did not think that things would go so smoothly.

Leninoth was the greatest threat, and now he was out of the picture.

“It says that while the remainders of Leninoth’s army scattered, they were not able to pursue them. This was because of the heavy losses they took during the battle.”

Apparently, they had clashed head on, and General Farneze had led this main attack.

The reinforcements from Tralzard charged and broke into the enemy formation while General Farneze held them at bay. And like that, they were able to get close to Leninoth, who was near the back.

However, their numbers had decreased greatly by this point, and they were pushing themselves too far in this desperate attempt to defeat Leninoth.
Only about half the soldiers came out unharmed, so the damage had been great.

“So that just leaves Fara now.”
“Yes, but that is where the problem arises.”

General Miralda’s face grew even more severe.
“Don’t tell me that Fara became a Demon King?”

As we did not share any borders with Fara, we did not have the same fear of him up until now.
However, seeing as how he too had been conquering other countries, it was clear that he was no ordinary person.

“Lesser Demon King Fara was…killed.”

“He was killed by another Lesser Demon king from the far east. It seems like it happened during battle.”
“Fa-Fara…is dead? The one who was about to become a Demon King?”

“And yet he was defeated in a flash. That is how things happen in the Demon World. And it’s said that he lost due to a pure difference in power.”

“Who was it?”
“The person who defeated Fara is someone called Lesser Demon King Kyuka, whose lands are connected to Demon King Trinidoto’s country.”

“…Lesser Demon King Kyuka.”
I didn’t recognize the name.

“According to the report, Lesser Demon King Kyuka had evolved just recently. He was a Purple Fox before evolution, and so he should be Twin Purple Flame Fox now. But I’m not sure.”

“Evolution, eh?”
“Yes. Perhaps his confidence grew after that. As he wasted no time in antagonizing all the small countries around him, and he won every time.”

I knew, as someone who had just evolved as well.
Your power increased explosively, and you felt like you could do anything.

Of course, that sense of being all powerful was just an illusion.
For instance, if I challenged General Miralda to a fight, I would easily lose.

But Kyuka had won. He had continued to win until he defeated Fara, someone who had been so close to becoming a Demon King.
Was that really possible for an evolved Purple Fox?

“And so we might see the birth of a new Demon King very soon.”
“And from the most surprising place.”

“Mmm. I did not expect a third party to appear… But I suppose that’s the way of the Demon World. When times change, people like you suddenly appear and show their true strength.”

“Like me?”

“Mmm. There really is so much disorder to the west and east of this country now. And of course, there is the invasion from the Celestial World. I will deal with the west side, but I want you to do something about the east. …Well, that will be one of the things to discuss when you meet with King Tralzard.”


“You’ve evolved into a very incompre…rare race. And King Tralzard is full of wisdom. You will surely learn something that will be advantageous for you.”

Was she about to say incomprehensible?

“…Very well. I am worried about my country, but there would be nothing that I can do if I returned now. And so I will try to deal with my personal matters first.”

“Yes. That is good.”

And like that, it was decided that I would meet with a Demon King.

You really could not predict where life would take you.

“I’ve been shocked enough and want to get off this prank show.”

I very much missed that slow life I had in the Ogre village.

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