Makai Hongi – 187

Chapter 187

○ Wild Hunt – Nehyor

Nehyor was currently in a small country that was next to both Tralzard and Janius’s countries.
It was called Ulwar.

This country ruled by Lesser Demon King Ulwar was one of the smallest countries in the Demon World.
In terms of mass, it was similar to Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country.

As for why Nehyor was in such an unremarkable place…

“Lord Nehyor. We’ve finished investigating the Pillars of Salt.”

“I see. And how was it?”
“I don’t know how it is happening, but there is still holy power remaining.”

“Hmm. I do wonder why. The holy power just stays there forever if left alone. Even if a hundred years or even a thousand years pass.”

“Our investigation took longer because of it, but we were unable to find anything that could be used to communicate with the Celestial World.”

“Hmm. I see. So that means they have no way of seeing what is happening down here.”

These Pillars of Salt, which were also called the ‘Six Salt Pillars,’ had been their base in the Demon World over four thousand years ago.

Back then, holy power had been used on an unimaginable scale, and six holes had been opened up into the Demon World.

The residents of the Celestial World invaded from there and made their base. And then they planned to build a barrier that they would fill with holy power.

Of course, this plan was thwarted by Lesser High King Yamato.
Still, they now remained as pillars of salt, and they continued to store holy power.

“I think there is still holy power there because the pillars themselves are made of holy power. They are materialized holy power.”
“But shouldn’t they disperse when exposed to the miasma of the Demon World?”

“The pillar itself must be like a core or barrier? Besides, doesn’t your hand burn if you touch it? No one wants to touch them or even get close.”

There were Pillars of Salt in Nehyor’s country as well.
He had been curious enough to investigate them once, but he did not learn anything.

And so he had forgotten all about them until now. But the other day, there was an invasion from the Celestial World.

Nehyor had realized that the holy power he had felt was terribly similar to the time he had investigated the Pillars of Salt, and so he decided to have them investigated again.

As for the Pillars of Salt in his own country, which Legras was currently managing in his absence, they were too far away to visit now.

And since the pillars tended to be spread out evenly all over the Demon World, he had gone to the closest, which happened to be in Ulwar’s country.

“After all, the birth of a Demon King has been postponed. It’s surely not a mistake to do some research about the Celestial World.”

“Yes. Currently, your mana is being used to repair your body. I believe it will continue for a while, so prioritizing this research is the right decision.”

“But only if there are results… Had I known that I would need a life stone in order to become an Elder, I would have done this research while I had time.”

Why did he have to investigate in secret in a foreign country when there were Pillars of Salt in his own country?
Nehyor could not help but feel conflicted about this.

“Regarding the plan to make Lesser Demon King Yunus a Demon King, one of your subordinates has returned to make a report. He says that each country has finished retreating. Tralzard’s army has not pursued them. As long as nothing happens from here, things should settle down.”

“I see. Send him my thanks. I’m sure the place must have been chaotic after making them fight, and then suddenly telling them to stop.”

“There did seem to be some confusion, but perhaps due to their daily training, they were able to quickly understand and react.”

Miralda had been suspicious about the movement in the west.
Nehyor had given the order for them to withdraw, after his plans had been ruined by his injury.

His original plan had involved using Lesser Demon King Yunus to kill the other Lesser Demon Kings and Generals, and then have him turn into a Demon King.
Nehyor had even been making preparations so that he would be able to kill Yunus as soon as he changed.

However, Golan’s Deepsea Dragon Sword had split Nehyor in half. And he was forced to spend a long time off in order to heal.

Realizing that this was a bad time to fight, he had to go ahead with a different plan for now.

“But if I do that, I’ll have soldiers left. I suppose I should gather them all together.”
“Lord Nehyor, I have something to tell you regarding that.”

“Huh? What is it?”
“Apparently, Demon King Janius has started seeing our army as enemies.”

“What? Did he realize that we set Tralzard on him?”
“I don’t think he knows for certain. But perhaps he was able to guess it based on movement in the area.”

“I see… Well, it cannot be helped. …Alright, I know. The corps we had camped in Yunus’s country. I’ll have them continue on to Demon king Gidman’s country.”


“Janius and Gidman are currently at war. There are always skirmishes, and so I think I’ll have Gidman dance for me this time. We just need to feed them rumors about Janius’s General dying and how the army is weakened.”

“However, if this fails, Gidman will start seeing you as an enemy as well.”
“We only have to get through this brief moment. Now do it.”
“As you wish.”

Nehyor’s own lands were to the southeast of the Demon World.
And so making an enemy out of Gidman, who was to the northwest, was not a big deal.

If Gidman wanted to invade him, he would have to travel through Demon King Tralzard, Demon King Bibashini, and Demon King Legard’s lands first.

“As long as it calms down Janius. And if not, I’ll change the location. You can turn into a Demon King anywhere.”

“Are there really other places that are so convenient?”

“Of course, there is. Like the land once ruled by the late Demon King Bardodo.”

There were currently eight great Demon Kings, but there used to be nine.

It changed when the holes opened in the sky and the celestial beings invaded.
Demon King Bardodo died in that battle, and his lands were divided into eight smaller countries.

These lands were currently ruled by Lesser Demon Kings who continued to fight each other for dominance.

“Our current objective is to find a celestial being who is equal to a Demon King.”
He would be able to acquire as much land as he wanted once he evolved.

And so Nehyor was searching for the necessary ingredients for evolution—the magic stone from a Demon King and a life stone of equal power.

“Lord Nehyor. What will you do now?”

“I want information about these residents of the Celestial World. And our only clue is those people who invaded Tralzard’s lands. What did they want…or who? I’ll need to find out so I can keep an eye on them.”

“I see. Very well. Few have encountered residents of the Celestial World and survived. But I will send my men to watch the place.”

“Yes, good.”

Nehyor muttered about how things would be very busy now, but his Adjutant replied that he was to first, ‘heal his wounds.’ And so Nehyor had no choice but to comply.

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