Makai Hongi – 188

Chapter 188

“Ah, what fine weather.”
I said while stretching my limbs. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It was perfect.

Behind me were people that General Miralda had accompany me.

“Seems like it will continue for a while.”
One of them, a Vanet called Stomel, was standing next to me.

“You can tell?”

“Yes. Because these are dry.”
Stomel said as he flapped his four wings.

While Vanets looked like giant bees, they were highly intelligent and good with their hands and feet.
But since they had low attack and defense ability, they were rarely seen on the battlefield.

Stomel was smaller than the average Ogre, but that was still huge when you considered the fact that he was a bee.
And since the low buzzing noise accompanied them, you always knew where they were, which was convenient.

“I’m starting to get hungry again.”
“Then we should take a break.”

Stomel always answered me like an echo.
He was acting as my Adjutant on this journey.

In other words, he was like a flying Rig.

“There is a cluster of trees over there. Will that suit you?”
“Yeah, why not?”

“Then let’s go.”

We were currently walking down a town road in order to meet with the Demon King.
There were carriages we could have used, but the General had advised that it would be good for me to use my new body, and so I walked.

It was nearly midday, yet this would be my third meal already.

“I’ll prepare it for you, so please wait.”
“Aye. Sorry to trouble you.”

“Don’t worry about it. It is my important job. You need not feel concerned.”
“Important job…huh?”

I sat down and leaned against a tree and thought back on the moment before our departure.

“Sorry, Rig. It’s been decided that I’m to head out and meet with Demon King Tralzard now.”
It was such sudden news. Rig froze for a second.

“Sir Golan. Why must you go and antagonize the Demon King?”

“Hey, wait a minute!”
Why was that his interpretation of what was happening?

“I don’t think it’s possible for you to meet him without a fight erupting.”
“How rude.”

But then again, my history did not help my case at all.
That being said, I was quite sure it was them who usually picked fights with me.

And yes, I always respond to a challenge.
It didn’t matter what was involved.

I was just a serious person who obliged everyone, one by one. Perhaps he had misconstrued that.
Well, nevermind.
What I had to tell Rig involved my corps.

“We’re currently a part of General Miralda’s independent corps. Dyle will continue to be the Commander, so things should be fine while I’m gone. That being said, I’m thinking of making Saifo and Painy assistants for Dyle. What do you think?”

“I think it’s a good idea. We should have little trouble with their help.”

“On the other hand, there is no one who can do the desk work. So that’s where you’ll come in.”
“Certainly. If Sir Golan is going to go and antagonize a Demon King, we will have to work extra hard to keep things in order there.”

“No, I’m not going to fight! We’re just going to have a little talk.”
“I see. So it’s important business then. Something more important to you than fighting…”

I was really just going to ask him a few questions about my race and the past.
And what did he mean about it being more important than fighting?

“Then please go and do not worry about us. We will be fine, so you can beat him to your heart’s content.”

“Like I said, we’re not going to fight!”
Oh, he was doing it on purpose now.

That’s how our conversation went, and then I said the same thing to Saifo and Painy.

“I understand that you evolved into something much stronger, but why do you have to go and fight Demon Kings now? That’s not the right order.”

“What order! Besides, I’m not fighting anyone.”
Saifo was just as rude as Rig.

“There is one thing that I learned since coming here. Dragons love to fight. I don’t see how you can return without getting into a fight.”
“Huh? Really?”

Even Painy felt the same way.

Dragons loved to fight.
Dyle had told me the same thing, and I had felt it myself. Was the Demon King like that too?
If he was some kind of combat freak, he might just kill me.

Saifo and Painy were certain that I would fight the Demon King.
Well, then. I would show them. I wouldn’t fight. Not even a little.

“Since Dyle will still be in charge, just continue as you are. You two will be taking my place. Rig will do all the desk work that you hate.”

“Your place, Golan? That will be tough.”
“Don’t worry, Saifo. You can do it.”

“So, I just need to beat up anyone who looks at me the wrong way?”
“Hey, wait a minute!”

When have I ever done that!? Never.

“Yes. I think it means you’re supposed to look at every new acquaintance up and down and then fight them for being an outsider.”
“Wait a minute!”

Now Painy was being ridiculous.
Did I do that? When have I ever done that?

“And then I suppose I should start punching them without warning.”
“Yes, you must be very thorough with your follow-up attacks.”

“You two. Sir Golan has a very important job to attend to. And so you must make up for his absence and crush everyone in your path. Do not hesitate to defeat them all.”

Rig had joined us.

After that, I became hungry and had to leave them. But I knew they were just joking.
However, I was too scared to ask them to confirm it.

“Sir Golan. Your food is ready.”
“Hmm? Ah…that’s right. Thank you.”

While I had recalled my conversation with them, I was sure they were handling things peacefully.
Surely they were.

“Please, eat.”
I reached for the food that was spread out before me, and began my third meal of the day.

“—It’s delicious!”
My hands wouldn’t stop moving.

I was still eating six meals a day.
We were traveling in order to meet Demon King Tralzard, but we had to repeatedly take breaks so that I could eat.

As for the others who accompanied us, they were all carrying the baggage, except for Stomel.
They were carrying great quantities of food.

General Miralda has sent them with me.
And while they carried the heavy baggage as if it was nothing, I didn’t know the name of their race.

Miralda had said that the other Generals would mock her inability to feed me properly, should I collapse on the road from lack of food.

“What are our plans for today?”

“We will continue a little farther and then set up camp. And since we’ll be running out of food tomorrow, we’ll head to a nearby town. After leaving that town, there will be at least two more nights of camping outside before we reach the next town or village.”

“I see. I’m grateful to have you as my guide.”
“Thank you, sir. I will try and lead you through the easiest and shortest routes.”

So I wouldn’t be meeting this Demon King any time soon.
Well, I didn’t mind. We weren’t in a hurry.

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    • Golan, one-man pestilence running through his territory… I wonder when he would bankrupt the army for footing his food bills.

  1. He’s going to decimate their food supplies before he leaves the country. An excellent plan to weaken a potential future enemy! Haha.

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