Realist Demon King – 143

Dagon’s Death

The first act was the head-on collision of the Berneze and Dagon army. And if the second act was the arrival of Ryoma’s reinforcements, then the third act was Dagon’s attempt at a vicious revenge.

It had seemed like it would be over for him after being attacked from the back, but once Dagon moved to the front and started fighting, he regained the advantage quickly.

It was true that Ryoma and the reinforcements from the other cities were efficiently taking down Dagon’s soldiers, but Dagon himself was much too strong. And so even though his army grew smaller, he still overwhelmed the Berneze troops.

Ryoma muttered with a bitter expression, ‘I knew there was a Demon King here who had the power to change the tide of battle, but I didn’t expect it to be Dagon.’

Indeed, that was the case. Dagon crushed dozens under his foot and killed just as many with his fists. At this point, he was likely responsible for half of the deaths of our soldiers.

And since Ryoma was very wise, she immediately understood that there was no point in focusing on Dagon’s men. They would have to take down the Demon King himself.

And so she gave the order to the artilleries behind her. They would fire at Dagon all at once.

It was clear that they hadn’t expected to use cannons here, and it took awhile for them to be prepared. However, they somehow managed, and began firing.

Deafening sound erupted all over the battlefield.

Dagon was hit by one of them. And even he could not avoid taking great damage after being hit by a mass of metal flying at an incredible speed.

Dagon stumbled. After that, Jeanne and Toshizou took advantage of the opening and charged in with their swords.

It was impressive teamwork. I praised their ability and then chanted something aside from the forbidden magic. ‘Telepathy.’

Like this, I could open up a mental channel with Robin Hood.

‘Robin. The forbidden magic will be completed soon. Fall back and stay near me.’


Robin’s silence was his answer. At first I wondered if it hadn’t reached him, but that was not the case.

He bit his lip and said,

‘He is the enemy of the woman I love. I want to kill him with my own hands.’

‘I see. I understand how you feel. And so I mean to allow you the last blow.’

‘What do you mean?’

Robin asked.

I could only reply in one way.

‘Dagon is a Demon King. He might even be listening to this conversation. Will you trust me and back down? I’ll tell you my plan in person.’

I pleaded with him and Robin agreed, though clearly with a feeling of regret.

If it turned out that I was lying to him, he would probably try and kill me. That’s how much rage was in his eyes.

(…This won’t do. He will burn out into nothing.)

That being said, there was only so much that I could do. And so I would have to do it with everything that was in me.

My voice shook.

“I just finished chanting the forbidden magic. I will now cast it on your arrow. And I want you to aim that arrow into Dagon’s liver.”

I added that it should be easy enough for someone who could shoot a doe between the eyes.

“That won’t be a problem. But will that really kill the giant?”

“It will. I was told this by someone very important to you.”


Robin looked puzzled. I ignored him and looked at Su, the Carbuncle. Su remained silent.

“Just trust me. And the person who you hold dear.”

“…Very well. I will trust you. I may not be a man who is worth trusting, but you are.”

Robin said as he aimed his arrow at the giant.
And so I prepared to unleash the spell that was stored in my right hand.

“Listen. You will only have one chance. Jeanne and the others won’t last another minute. I will not be able to use this magic again.”

“I understand. And don’t worry. I won’t miss.”

Robin declared as he unleashed the arrow.

It flew in an arch towards Dagon. And its trajectory was clearly headed towards his liver. The right side of his stomach.

Once I was certain, I unleashed the forbidden magic. It was ‘Enlarge.’ You could turn a street rat into the size of a dragon. However, there was one flaw.

This world was ruled by gravity, and creatures who become huge cannot support their own weight. This was especially true for creatures that walked on two legs. They would not even be able to stand.

In other words, it was defective magic, but it could be useful as well.
For instance, with objects. You could make something simple, like an arrow, much larger…

I watched as the arrow enlarged right as it pierced into Dagon’s stomach.

It was now the size of a log, and hit Dagon’s liver with precision.

The arrow had been the size of a twig at first but then grown huge as it caught him in the stomach. He must have been very shocked indeed.

Dagon spat out a torrent of blood as he fell to his knees.

“Y-you…bastard Demon King. You and your tricks…”

“My parents taught me to be proud of being sly. So I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Curse your parents. I wish I could crush them in this hand.”

“Unfortunately for you, they are already dead. They are in a different world’s heaven. You will never get the chance.”

“Then I will wait for you in this world’s hell. And there, I will strangle you to death.”

“How frightening. But there are many people who want me dead. Demon King Sabnac, Demon King Eligos, Demon King Decarbia, Demon King Zagam. So you might have to wait in line.”

“I doubt any of them will be able to defeat you before I.”

“I agree. That being said, this victory doesn’t belong to me, but Robin. He continued to shoot at you.”

“That’s true. But don’t think you will find such capable subordinates in hell…”

Dagon chuckled and then closed his eyes. After a moment, he fell to the ground on his face. There was a loud crash and the ground shook.

The ruler of the seas, Demon King Dagon, was dead. And the moment he fell, the Berneze guards, mercenaries, and reinforcements from the neighboring cities began to dance with joy.

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