Realist Demon King – 48

Hyouri Hikyou no Mono


I am Demon King Ashtaroth.


According to the goddess who brought me to this world, I was also called the Demon King of Prosperity, but no one ever called me that.


What I was called by our neighboring countries and Demon Kings were names like ‘Realist Demon King’ or ‘Hyouri Hikyou no Mono.’


I had manipulated Demon King Sabnac during my first battle and destroyed him within a month. After that, defeated the even more powerful Demon King Eligos. And so those names were given to me.


Eve looked a little worried as she asked,


“Will it not be bad for you if such evil rumors continue to spread? Why don’t you send out spies and try and stop them?”


“I appreciate your concern, but that is not necessary.”


“What do you mean?”


“It is simple. These names are vital to my strategy. They will be beneficial in expanding my lands and protecting them.”


Eve looked at me as if she did not understand at all.

Clearly, an explanation was in order.


“In the first place, it was I who spread out these names.”


“You? You, master?!”


“Aye. I had my spy slimes spread the news of my methods.”


“Why would you do such a thing? They are now calling you a coward.”


“A coward. They might as well. By the way, it is not ‘coward’, it is ‘hyouri hikyou’.”


“There is a difference?”

“There is a very big difference.”


And so I told her.


Hyouri Hikyou no Mono was a name given to the Japanese general, Sanada Masayuki.


He was the son of a minor lord who owned territories in the Shinano mountains. And he was a born strategist.


He attended Takeda Shingen, where he showed his potential, eventually being chosen as one of his twenty-four most trusted men.


He continued to work even after the fall of House Takeda.

No, that is when he really started to thrive.


First, he helped Takigawa Kazumasu, one of the subjects of Oda Nobunaga, as a way of quickly serving the man who had beaten his master.


But when Oda Nobunaga died at Honno-ji, he quickly split from Takigawa and united the surrounding lands.


At the time, the regions were ruled by House Uesugi, House Houjou, and House Tokugawa. And yet he took these great houses into his hands and rose to the position of a feudal lord.


That being said, he also sent hostages to House Uesugi, or pretended to side with House Tokugawa by building a castle. And he fought against House Houjo on equal footing, in spite of that house having the greatest force at the time.


His methods were very ruthless. He did not hesitate, and after several years, Toyotomi Hideyoshi called him, 


“Hyouri Hikyou no Mono.”


And everyone treated him with caution.


Sanada Masayuki continued to strategize with such methods, driving back Tokugawa’s army twice.


The second time was against Ieyasu’s son, a force of 38,000 against 2,000. And yet he forced them to retreat.


His skill and accomplishments were remembered as some of the best of that era.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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