Realist Demon King – 103

The Elf at the Lakeside


I picked up a random branch.

It was to be used as a fishing pole.

As I had string and a hook amidst my belongings, I just needed some bait, and I would be able to fish.

Usually I would just throw a few coins to some child and have them dig me up some worms, but I would have to do it myself this time.

Some might have found the sight of a Demon King digging in the ground for worms to be quite surreal, but I didn’t think twice about it.

Besides, I loved going fishing.

It was my second favorite pastime after reading. And if I had the time, I could spend the whole day fishing.

But as I had been busy lately, I had not done it for a while.

In any case, I was not likely to be catching an eel or trout this time.

Not only because my skills were not what they used to be, but this hook was no good for catching trout. It was too small. And eels required special equipment.

Well, there were rare occasions when they did get caught on hooks, but it was best to not expect such miracles. And so I decided to concentrate on the one fish that I was after.

It was a small freshwater fish that lived in this lake and was called a ‘wind fish.’

It wasn’t much good for eating, but its bladder could be used for medicine, and it fetched quite a price in the market.

It would easily heal the Saint’s stomach trouble.

Such were my thoughts as I cast the line into the water and waited. But nothing took the bait.

“Hmm. Nothing.”

I muttered to myself lazily.

They actually said that having little patience was better for fishermen, but I had plenty of it.

Perhaps it was because I generally didn’t really care if I caught anything.

I just enjoyed sitting there and thinking for an entire day.

This meant that I often came back from fishing trips empty handed. Of course, Eve was always perceptive enough to buy fish in town beforehand.

I really wasn’t good at fishing.

And I was fine with that. At least fishermen would be able to sell more fish. But that wouldn’t do today.

I wanted to catch the wind fish quickly and bring it back.

And so I would have to do something.

There were bushes to the left which created a shadow over the lake.

Such areas were likely to attract fish. And so I moved my fishing spot.

I left one fishing rod where I was, and made another one as I headed to the bushes.

Normally, I would not have done this.

“Either I’ll catch something or I won’t. It’ll be the same wherever I am.”

I might mumble indifferently. But today was special.

However, doing something different may have been my mistake.

Humans tended to get into trouble when they moved away from their daily routine. And it turned out to be the case here.

As I pushed my way through the bushes and searched for a spot to fish, I encountered her.

As for why I knew she was a woman in an instant, well, it was because she wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Perhaps she was bathing in the water.

What I did notice was that her ears were pointed.

She had the slender physique that is most typical in elves, and while she looked young, elves were often much older than they appeared.

So I had no idea how old she was.


I pondered on this all quite calmly. However, I soon wondered why I was here and looking at some stranger in the lake.

And one who was bathing.

It was rather shameful, and so I was about to turn away, but then I could not.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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