Realist Demon King – 103


It was because I had realized something.

It was something that Eve had told me once.

“In general, the elves in this world have golden hair. Black hair is very rare.”

The reason that I recollected this, was because this woman had black hair.

Her beautiful hair was long and black like a crow and went down to her waist.

It reminded me of the expression about wet crow feathers.

As I was looking at her hair, she seemed to become aware of my presence.

I saw her eyes sharpen.

And so I immediately withdrew into the bushes.

At the same time…

“Who is there!?”

Her voice rang in the silence.

It didn’t seem like the right time to confess that you were a Demon King, and so I left.

But upon returning to my old fishing spot, a sense of guilt started to surface within me, and I thought to return to her and apologize.

However, I was unable to.

This was because the fishing pole I had left had started to move furiously.

It had caught something.

Surely this was the wind fish I was searching for. And so I frantically grabbed the pole and raised it. As I had suspected, it was a wind fish.

It was quite lively too, and I had some trouble reeling it in without a net.

Ultimately, I spent a lot of time battling the fish, and was unable to meet the dark-haired elf again.

Not that I even returned to that spot.

While it was unfortunate, you never knew when you might meet someone again in life. Right now, the important thing was to tend to the sick. And so I took out a knife and removed the bladder.

This, I boiled with some herbs and made Jeanne drink it.

She said…

“…It’s bitter… It tastes horrid…”

But she believed in the effectiveness of my medicine, and drank all of it.

After several hours had passed and she was healed, she said,

“Ah, it is amazing! I am better! You are not just a great Demon King, but a physician.”

“Thank you. Now, you must never eat rotten cream puffs again.”

“I know. I am not that much of a glutton. By the way, where is the eel?”

She asked, immediately contradicting herself.

“There is no eel. There is wind fish, though. From what I understand, it tastes quite bad. But I suppose it’s still edible if you cook it.”

“That is fine. I want to rest.”

And so she waited for Eve to cook the wind fish.

As exasperated as she was, Eve started to cook it. While Jeanne was waiting, she said a most surprising thing.

“Demon King. Did you happen to meet a woman with black hair recently?”

My eyes widened.

Was she a prophet now?

Or perhaps she had a sharp sense of smell.

Of course, she was just a Saint.

Apparently, she would sometimes hear the words of her god when she was sleeping.

“I was told that my future husband was looking at a naked woman with dark hair.”


Now, that was a little too specific.

I couldn’t help but fall silent.

If Jeanne and I were to ever marry, it would certainly be impossible to be unfaithful. Well, there were absolutely no such plans currently, and I wouldn’t be unfaithful either way.

And so it was with some relief that I listened to her continue.

“This person with dark hair. She will greatly affect your future. And so it is God’s will that you help her.”

“Affect my future, eh?”

I had no idea what influence a strange elf could have, but I could think about that later.

I then invited Jeanne to eat.

The smell of cooked fish filled the air.

Wind fish had many bones and a strong odor. However, Eve was one of the best demon cooks. And it seemed like she had succeeded in creating something edible.

Thinking this, I set out a tablecloth on a nearby tree stump and filled some wooden cups with wine.

Then Eve brought over the wind fish on a large plate.

Apparently, she had covered it in flour and fried it in butter.

It was the second most popular way to eat fish, after grilling it in salt.

And so we dined on the wind fish while thanking nature for its blessings.

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