Two Saints – 102

Free in the Air and on Land


The next day, the birdfolk patrolled the area from up high. But they did not see any pursuers.

Indeed, no one had seen them enter the villa. The birdfolk and dogfolk had insisted that they were just sightseeing. And the merfolk left by themselves.

Even if they had been pursued, on what grounds could they be caught? While Chiharu’s wig had come off, they could just insist that the Saintesses were not there.

“We must return to make a report to Arthur. Though, I wish we could escort you back to Lowland.”

“We’re fine. Besides, this is probably the fastest way.”

Maki said with a laugh to the worried Zynis. According to their plan, Maki and Chiharu were going to be carried to Lowland by the birdfolk.

“We’re not in a hurry this time. And we plan to stay at an inn on the way.”

Maki said as she looked towards Aaron and Edwy. They nodded silently. Then Zynis turned to the birdfolk.

“Are you fine with this, Sauro and Saikania?”

“We’re not. But there’s something that we have to do now. We’ll tell you once we see Maki and Chiharu off.”

Sauro said with a longing look towards Maki and Chiharu. Maki and Chiharu would have also felt better if Sauro and Saikania were with them. They wanted them to accompany them to Lowland, but this could not be helped.

“There will be a worrywart elf waiting when you return to Lowland. There won’t be any problem if you just say that Maki and Chiharu were in the elf lands. I will try to catch up with you as quickly as possible. But you must hurry.”

Sauro said. It was unusual for him to be so serious.

“I understand. Sauro.”


“Thank you. Be careful.”

“I know.”

The corner of Sauro’s mouth rose just a little, and then he signaled to the other birdfolk.

And like that, the Saintess’s group flew off into the distance all at once.

“Sauro. What are you planning to do?”

Zynis asked him as they watched the sky in which Maki and Chiharu had disappeared.

“I’m going to ask the chief to send birdfolk to the inlands.”

“What! I thought that the birdfolk didn’t want to go inland. Don’t you say that it’s too formal?”

“Well, I think that it’s more because they just treat us as carriers. If it’s boring, then we have no reason to go.”



Sauro looked him straight in the eyes.

“While people say that we birdfolk are free, it is especially true with our generation. The chief is often troubled because of us. But I am not like that. If we are free, then we should act like it.”

“I see. Yes, you all seem so relaxed.”

Even when the Saintesses were gone, the remaining birdfolk were loud and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Zynis watched them with a look of exasperation.

“And so I won’t be so strict. I will send out whoever wants to go. Even if there are dozens of them.”

“Are you serious!”

Dilon interrupted.

“I am. There is strength in numbers. To be honest, you are most worried about the area around the inland capital, aren’t you, Zynis?”


“They will likely reject an offer to send birdfolk. And so I will send many of us before they can reject us. That would allow us to scout out the area in advance. It will also serve to make an impression on the inland commoners.”

“I didn’t realize you were thinking so far ahead.”

Zynis sounded impressed.

“Half of it was my idea, Zynis.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Sauro nodded at Saikania’s words.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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