Cave King – 105

Chapter 105 – We went to the underground city!


Now that the ships had left, there was one thing I needed to do on the surface before returning to the cave.

“Alright, Number 15. Let’s go.”

Number 15, the Mithril Golem, nodded obediently.

In my hand, I was holding a small vial with golden liquid.

This liquid was called Ryukin…it was a metal that could be changed into any shape.

If I used this, I could make Number 15 have the appearance of a human.

And so I willed it to be stored, and the Ryukin went into my Inventory.

So, it would be possible after all.

Without hesitation, I used it to modify Number 15.

And then, Number 15’s platinum body was enveloped in a golden liquid.

“Is it finished…?”

It wasn’t a very big change at all.

Would it really be able to transform into a human like this?

“Alright, Number 15. Can you turn into me?”

I tried asking. And then the liquid around Number 15 began to quiver.

After a moment, it began to change both shape and color.


Number 15 now looked just like me as it stood there.

“That’s amazing! There are two Chiefs!”

Erevan said as he immediately started touching Number 15.

The hair and clothes were all realistically recreated as they moved in the wind.

Apparently, the texture of cloth and skin was accurate as well.

“Turn into me next!”

Erevan said. And Number 15 did as he said.

The thing that was now before us, definitely was the spitting image of Erevan.


“Really… But I think it’s a little more handsome than you, father.”

Fule said. Erevan shouted angrily in reply.

In the meantime, Mappa started to move towards Number 15.

However, Number 15 must have sensed something, as it immediately returned to its original form.

Mappa then jumped onto Number 15 and seemed to be telling it something.

Did he want Number 15 to turn into him as well…?

“Still, this is some very impressive metal.”

Baris muttered as Number 15 was forced to turn into Mappa.

It really was impressive.

To be able to mimic the feel and color, and not just the shape.

Well, its skin did look a little more smooth than the real Mappa…especially around the butt.

“Ahh… If we had more of these, we could make it seem like there were a lot of people here. Well, I better go and get more of it then.”

I said, and then the others told me to take care.

As I prepared to go underground, Rienna visited me.

“Lord Heal, I’m terribly sorry.”

She said with a bow. Her face looked very serious.

Was she apologizing about the whole emperor thing?

“It is my role to aid you…and yet I was not thinking hard enough.”

“No, Rienna. Besides, it’s in the past. I don’t really care about what title I have.”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. He used a raw metal just like putting ketchup on your French fries to change the golem form and is even totally realistic……. Shut up Heal

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