Cave King – 63

Chapter 63 – I asked about the secret of the underground!


“…Of course, I will dig.”


I answered. Shiel chuckled.


“…I see that I didn’t even need to ask.”

“Well, it’s like a reason to live for Lord Heal.”


Fule said with a grin.


“Hey, you’re talking about me as if I was obsessed with mining! Well, perhaps you’re right…”


It really did give my life some meaning.

And I would continue to dig even if Shiel didn’t ask me to.


That being said, discoveries like this one brought up a new concern for me.


After all, there were people who had lived here. And I was digging through their facilities and taking things without permission.


And so I asked Shiel,


“…But, is it really fine for me to continue digging like this?”

“Yes. It is our wish.”


She said. And then a sphere of light appeared in front of me.


After a while, the light transformed until it looked like a tree branch.


“…What is that?”

“It’s a map of what our city looked like before the meteor hit. It likely looks very different now. In the first place, there are many places that aren’t connected with passages, as we used Teleportation Stones to travel.”

“Teleportation Stones… Ah, that stone we found in the winery recently.”


It allowed you to travel between stones.


“Yes. With those, we could move from place to place within the small mountain. Now, could you look at the bottom part?”


Shield said. And so I looked towards the bottom of the three-dimensional map.


Here, there were a lot of passages and large open spaces.


“This is where the majority of our population lived. It is here that you will find the city’s control devices.”

“Control devices?”

“Yes. There is a device that controls all of the golems in the city. And another that will unfreeze our bodies.”

“So, your body…”

“Yes. My body is within this grave, but if you use the device there… Well, I don’t really mind staying here. The reason that I’m telling you about it, is that if you do not do something about that device, the golems underground will continue to attack you.”

“I see… But then why aren’t the golems here attacking me?”


I asked while looking at the golems that waited near the wall.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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