Cave King – 38

Chapter 38 – A Cool Evolution!!!


As I let out a scream, Kamyu also let out a high-pitched scream and covered her ample chest, just a little.


She was, however, not quite covering a certain symbol of masculinity.


“…Oh, Lord Heal. You scoundrel!”


Uh, it was an odd thing to say while flaunting your new body…


“Enough with this foolishness. Cover up this… What does this mean, anyway?”


As Erevan asked this, Rienna handed Kamyu the coat that she had been wearing originally.


I was also curious about this.

Kamyu was now a beautiful woman with wings…

However, one part of her had apparently stayed the same.


Kamyu answered as she wrapped herself in the coat.


“But it’s quite simple. And what is it to any of you what I look like? Ah, thank you.”


Shiel had moved in front of Kamyu and stretched out like a mirror.


“…Oh, I look just like an angel. Do not get me wrong, I was very beautiful before, but this stone really has quite an effect. I’ve become even more beautiful.”

“You clearly just wanted to become human so the Chief would like you… Well, at least you have wings and can likely fly… Still, was it also your wish to become a woman?”


Kamyu answered Erevan’s question immediately.


“Become a woman, you say? How terribly rude! I was a very fine woman already! You know, for such a handsome face, you really have no delicacy!”


Uh, so in other words…

Kamyu’s appearance had to do with earning my favor or just a general desire to be more beautiful.

She had not exactly wished to have a woman’s body.

So that was the explanation…


As Kamyu and Erevan argued, Rienna interfered.


“You two. Please stop this… In any case, Kamyu. You must put on some proper clothes. That coat is in tatters. We can have the kobolds fix it, as they are so good at sewing.”

“Indeed. This body will look even better in clothes now, so I will make some requests to them! Well, see you later, Lord Heal!”


Kamyu blew me a kiss and headed to the cave.


It was quite an evolution… That being said, the wings looked like they would allow her to fly, and I felt magical energy. So I suppose she had kept her promise.


“Hmm… I think that in the future, we should prepare clothes so as to not cause embarrassment. Now, it is my turn.”


Baris said as he raised the Ascending Stone high into the air.


And then just like before, Baris was enveloped in a blinding light.

And when it settled down…


Oh, how cool…


I couldn’t help but be impressed with the ash-colored person in front of me.


He still had the long ears and face of a goblin, but now he had two horns that looked like they were from a ram.

He was much taller than me and had a muscular physique that any human would be jealous of.

There were black, bat-like wings on his back. He looked like a mythological demon.


And while there were still some wrinkles, his eyes and nose were strong. There was no sense of the frailty that I had once felt in the old man.


“Hmmm… My body feels so much lighter now…”


Baris muttered as he looked at his limbs. His voice sounded much clearer too.


Even Erevan was surprised by this evolution.


“Are you really… Baris?”

“Aye. I feel more than just younger. I feel immense power… Is this what magic does?”


Baris smiled mischievously.

Well, maybe it was just his face. I didn’t think he was actually planning on doing something evil…


Erevan seemed a little upset that Baris now had muscles that were comparable, if not superior to his own.


Then Fule, who was now wearing a white shirt, called out to us.


“Sorry to keep you waiting! …Huh? Father? Are you starting to want to evolve as well?”

“…Sh-shut up! I’m the strongest without having to rely on such things!”

“Hmm… But evolving is quite nice. Now I can see on a similar level to you. And I feel so much strength in my body.”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. “Then Fule, who was wearing a white shit, called out to us.”
    i think it was supposed to be “Then Fule, who was wearing a white ‘shirt’, called out to us.”

  2. Quite the irony, that scary and seemingly lustful orc became angel-ish, while Baris who is old wise and patient became demon-ish. Still that Kamyu is scarier.
    Thanks for the update!

  3. Hmmm … This whole stone of evolution thingy are way too OP, turn onto any being they’re whish for. I hope the author still follow the usual related train evolution, like goblin -> hob goblin -> high goblin maybe –> human (at 1st I thought it’s logical that Rienna turn human, thos maybe final form of Goblin evolution), turn out it’s not. Welp, thos idea itself are fresh & out of the box instead following regular pattern. But that can be mean faster pace & lack of character power development for future story (many light novel authors especially hit the wall in this matter when their character become too OP). I hope the authors have a way to fill this gap.

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