Cave King – 193

Chapter 193 – The Foreign Country was also Developed!?

In a dining hall in the city of Arancia.
We were sitting at a table and eating the food that Rienna had brought.

And on the table, was the large seed that we had picked up—the seed of the World Tree

“It’s quite the harvest… No, that’s an understatement.”

I had not expected to dig up such a thing when I started digging today.

But then again, considering we were under what used to be a World Tree, perhaps it was not too surprising.

However, I had done so much digging in Sheorl but only ever found the one seed of the World Tree.
Considering that, we must have been incredibly lucky to have found this one in Arancia.

I turned to Rienna, who was drying her wet hair, and muttered.

“It’s all thanks to you, Rienna.”
“…Are you being sarcastic?”

Rienna said with a red face.
Apparently, she was quite embarrassed about having slipped.
But given that she was a little wet, she looked kind of alluring.

“Th-that’s not what I meant. Anyone would have slipped in your position.”
“Yes, Miss Rienna. We have your luck to thank. Besides…”

Alyssa, who was sitting next to us, said this much before trailing off.

I asked her.

“No, it’s nothing. It seems that you found something valuable. And that is good.”
“Well, it’s because the people of Arancia were digging there first. I barely did any digging myself.”
“That is not true. It would have taken us more than a year to dig that far. In the first place, had you people not come, we would have… Huh?”

I placed the seed of the World Tree in Alyssa’s hand.

“This belongs to the people of Arancia.”
“Su-surely you don’t mean to give it to us?”

Alyssa shook her head and put it back into my hand.

“No, it is too much to accept. As the name suggests, it is a tree that can change the world. And with it, Sheorl will become even more glorious.”
“It was buried beneath Alanberc. I only dig because it is my greatest… Um, no. As I said before, we want the people of Arancia to prosper. So you can stand against the danger from the prophecy.”

And so I put the seed of the World Tree in Alyssa’s hand once again.

As Alyssa looked at the seed without further resistance, Rienna opened her mouth.

“You should plant it here. While we do not have much, there are still Sun Stones left. With just one, it should grow to be of equal size as the tree in Sheorl. Have you decided where you would like to have it planted?”
“You said before that the growth of plants is accelerated when beneath the World Tree. In that case, it would be a waste to have it grow over the city streets. If we want fields, it would be best to plant it towards the back, like the plaza near the tower. It will be easier to defend there as well.”
“In other words, it would be right next to the holy place.”

That meant it would look like we were showing off to the people of the holy place. But at this point, planting it outside of the city walls was not an option. And so it would have to be close to the holy place out of necessity.

“Well, perhaps they will change the way that they think once they see the World Tree. Besides, they must be quite worried about our hostage, Rulat.”

Numerous Mado Armors were already flying over Arancia.
We would be drawing so much attention as it is. And if a World Tree were to be added to it, then the difference in power between them and Arancia would be undeniable. As Alyssa said, they would have to bend soon.

Of course, they had abandoned the people of Arancia.
And so they would have to think about what they could do in order to make up for that.

Well, that is not my or Sheorl’s business.
It was up to them to reach a compromise.

“Alright then, since we finished lunch, let’s go and see this place where the World Tree seed will be planted.”

I said, and they nodded and got up from their seats.

And so we left the dining hall behind us and headed towards the plaza that was in front of the tower.

…Now that I thought about it, Mappa never did show up.

“Mister Mappa must be incredibly busy then?”

Rienna must have been thinking the same thing as me, as she muttered this in wonderment.

“You two seem to really like Mister Mappa. But he is not a child, so surely you don’t need to worry about him so much?”
“Oh? Did we not tell you, Alyssa?”
“Tell me what?”
“Mappa is a child.”
“Huh? What? Eh? …Ahhh!”

Alyssa looked like she had just remembered something.

“Now that you mention it, that day I first met you. Mister Mappa had gone missing, and you did say that he was just a child.”
“That’s right. Mappa is a child.”
“I see. So that’s why you are worried… And it makes sense, given his actions… Well, leaving his appearance aside. So you two have already… And yet I…”

Alyssa began to tremble.

Rienna jabbed her in the shoulder lightly.
And then she turned to me with an embarrassed expression.

“Oh! Lord Heal! You’ve made Miss Alyssa misunderstand! Miss Alyssa. Mister Mappa is not our child. He is seven years old, and it has not even been a full year since Lord Heal and I had our fateful encounter.”
“Huh? Ah, oh, is that so!? I-I jumped to conclusions then…”

Alyssa bowed her head deeply to me.

“Do-don’t worry about it. I should have explained with more words. Mappa is a dwarf, and so he looks a little old to us humans.”
“I see. However, to have such skill at seven years of age…these dwarves are amazing.”
“There are also other dwarves in Sheorl…well, former dwarves who are slimes now. But none as good as him. Mappa is special.”

I answered, and then Rienna began to talk to Alyssa about how amazing Mappa was, and all of the things he had done.

…Had Rienna always been this cheerful? Oh…what’s that?

As we walked down the streets, I noticed that a certain Mado Armor was standing with folded arms and its legs spread apart behind the buildings.

When we headed in that direction, it was one of the Alanberc plazas.
Quite a crowd had gathered there.

“What is it? Do you know about this, Alyssa?”
“Now that I think about it, a representative of this district had asked for a permit for some construction work in this plaza. Apparently, the people of Sheorl were going to make something.”
“Huh. What could it be? If it was construction work, then it wasn’t a Mado Armor… Woah. That’s…”

The large Golems, including Number 1 were there, as well as the slimes.

And there was someone in the center. It was Mappa.


I couldn’t help but feel quite relieved when I saw him.
And so I rushed straight to Mappa.

When he noticed me, he gestured for me to come, as if I was right on time.

“I thought you were working on making more Mado Armors? Woah, this…”

A giant fountain was in the center of the plaza. But there was no water running yet.

“W-water, in a place like this? But all of the wells in this district have dried up.”

Alyssa said in surprise. But Mappa pointed her in a certain direction.

There was Fule and Taran with pickaxes.

“Those two dug to a water source.”

Mappa seemed to say with a nod of his head.

The Golems and Slimes must have made the fountain plates that hold the water.
And there were different parts of the plaza where the stone pavement was new, which probably meant that they had laid out pipes underground.

Just then, Fule held a lever near the fountain and then shouted.

“Alright, I’m going to let the water in now! Go!”

Fule pulled the level, and then I could hear the faint sounds of running water.
The sounds started to grow louder, and then water began to rush out of the center pillar in the fountain.

The plaza was filled with the sounds of cheering.
It seemed like they were rejoicing because they no longer had to go to the neighboring district in order to get water.

“First the Mado Armors and now this. You really are amazing, Mappa.”

I said, but Mappa waved his finger as if to say that I hadn’t seen anything yet.

And then he pointed at something.

“What is that…?”

Facing the plaza, there was a large building that was brighter in color than the others. The Alanberc buildings were all grey in color, but this one was a bright beige.

Alyssa tilted her head.

“That was where the old well and an abandoned storage house was.”

But Mappa headed towards the building, as if to say it would be faster if we saw it in person.

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