Cave King – 42

Chapter 42 – A trolley was made!!


The day after we discovered the wine cellar.

I had once again spent the entire day mining.


It was already evening outside, and so I showed the other miners what I had found that day as part of my report.


“And lastly… I found a lot of this stuff!”


From the palm of my hand…well, from the Inventory, the small transparent and glimmering stones began to come out.


Fule saw the pile of stones…Diamonds x80, and shouted.


“Diamonds! I’ve never seen so many of them before!”


She scooped them up in both hands.


The goblins and kobolds were also looking at them with wide eyes.

Apparently, quite a few of them had never even seen a diamond before.


It was also my first time seeing so many diamonds at once. Especially of this size.

They would still be big even after they were processed and polished.

In fact, the diamond that sat at the top of my father’s crown looked small in comparison.


If someone had this many diamonds and lived on the continent, they would be able to buy any lands or titles that they wanted.

But then again, the very value of diamonds might drop if there were so many.


In any case, it was up to a craftsman to really bring out the beauty of a precious stone.

If only there was someone here who was a jeweler… Well, I suppose I could ask Mappa for now.


Besides, even if we were to sell them, we still needed a ship to carry them.

Kamyu was currently modifying the small ship that the kobolds had arrived in, but she was still unsure as to when it would be seaworthy.


“Ah, it is so amazing… I was just thinking about how rubies and sapphires were becoming rare, and then we got diamonds.”


She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of them. I nodded.


“Well, we’ve dug quite deep now. Perhaps this current area has a lot of different materials.”


I said as I looked at the walls. They seemed a little whiter than before.

Limestone was also becoming more common.


“So there must be more than just diamonds lying here! I’m going to go and…oh, that’s right…”

Fule sounded like she was about to go digging again.


She and the others down here were the best miners in Sheorl.

In other words, they were like me, and digging was more important than eating.


And so I understood how she felt… But eating was important too.

We needed to be healthy. And so mining during the night was generally forbidden.


Fule coughed and corrected herself.


“…Alright, let’s work hard tomorrow as well!”


She said as she raised her fist into the air. The others all shouted in agreement.


As if in sync with them, I also lightly raised my fist.


Now that this little ritual was finished, we cleaned up and started to walk back to the entrance. However…


“It’s so far…”


The more we dug, the further we became from the surface.

There was probably a 20 minute walk ahead of us now?


Fule said that it had been a longer walk just to gather water for her old village, and so she didn’t really mind.

However, it was tough for me, as I had been raised in the palace…


I would just have to bear it for now.

However, if this continued, it would take us a whole hour before too long.

And even Fule would find that exhausting.


If only there was a good method for transportation we could use…


For instance, if we had two of those Teleportation Stones that we found in the wine cellar. That would make things easier.

However, we had only found one of them.


If I could just dig up another one…


As I was thinking this, I realized that my stomach was growling loudly.


I was clearly quite hungry.

What had Rienna made tonight?


“What do you think dinner is… Hmm?”


I saw that some monsters were gathering together in a corner of the cave.


And when I moved closer, I saw that they had gathered around Mappa.


Mappa was looking very smug at all of them. And behind him, there was what looked like a metal box on four wheels.

And next to it, there was a mysterious iron box with a chimney coming out of it. This thing also had wheels.

Both came up to my waist, and there was a hole on the top.


And underneath this mysterious object, there were two lines of metal rods that seemed to stretch towards the entrance of the cave… I had never seen anything like it before.


“…What is this? Did Mappa make something again?”


As I looked at it with a puzzled expression, Mappa saw me in the crowd and gestured for me to come over.


Apparently, he wanted to show off his new creation as soon as possible.


…For some reason, I was worried.

Perhaps it was because Mappa was always so unpredictable.

But then again, he did always seem to make great things, in spite of appearances…


As I approached him, Mappa bowed grandly and then grabbed the handle that was on the outside of the iron box.

And then the side of the box opened like a door.


Was it something like a carriage?

It had wheels, and there was a section inside that was elevated so that two people could sit in.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Somehow, Mappa is the Isekai MC here. or perhaps he knows of such stuff from another isekai individual (from the past). Or no isekai at all, that could also work.

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