Cave King – 5

Chapter 5 – I Tried Using a New Stone!


After saving the goblins, I engrossed myself in digging deep underground.


“Phew… I can dig out a lot more at once compared to before.”


I muttered while wiping the sweat from my forehead.


I just needed to swing the pickaxe once, and I could gouge out a space that was the size of a small bedroom.

As for resources, it was now normal for me to get Rock x 100 in one go.


“Did I get anything rare this time…?”


The only new rare material I had found recently was Marble.

I was starting to hope that something new would show up soon.


And so I asked the Advisor to show me the Inventory.


◇ Inventory

    Rock x 5963

    Iron Ore x 79

    Copper Ore x 96

    Gold Ore x 5.9

    Silver Ore x 9.1

    Coal x 124

    Limestone x 131

    Marble x 14


    Ruby x 1.8

    Saphire x 1.7

    Crystal x 29

    Turtle Stone x 89

    Purification Stone x 1

    Shining Stone 4.5


All of them were increasing…but there were two that were unfamiliar.


And so I had the Advisor activate Ore Encyclopedia, which was one of the features of Cave King.


<<Shining Stone…A stone that never loses its luster.>>


I see. So it’s a stone that keeps on shining.

Maybe I could use it as a torch to light up the cave.

But as the Cave King, I had a mining support feature called Night Vision, so I didn’t need it.


<<Purification Stone…Use it to purify all manner of curses.>>



There were several spells that used the dark attribute that were categorized as curses.

One of the most famous ones was called ‘Erosion,’ and it slowly ate away at your body like a poison.


Normally, if you wanted to purify yourself of these curses, you would have to call a priest who was good with magic that used the holy attribute.


However, there were different methods depending on the type of curse and poison, which meant you not only had to have great magical ability but also advanced specialized knowledge.


…That being said, how useful would it be in an empty cave like this?


Still, I wasn’t an expert in purifications, so maybe it would come in handy one day.


“…Oh, well. At least I got something new today.”


Yes, whether I could use it or not wasn’t that important.

It felt good finding new things that you’d never seen before.


“Yes, let’s continue! …Huh?”


As I rolled my shoulders back excitedly, I suddenly heard the echo of dripping liquid.


This sound… It was the sound of a hopping slime.


And so when I turned around, I was not surprised to see a slime hopping energetically in my direction.


“Shiel? Did something happen to the goblins?”


Shiel didn’t even nod. It just spread out its body as if to say, ‘hurry up and get on!’


Well, I suppose I would have to stop for now and return.

I was getting hungry, anyway.


And so I got on top of Shiel and returned to the cave entrance.


Just as I could see the light pouring in from outside, I heard a deep voice echo through the cave.


“Please let go of me, Princess!!”


I heard a weak voice shouting back as if in reply.


“Stop that, General!! You cannot eat someone else’s food without permission!”

“The Princess is right! We must negotiate first, General!”


A low voice joined in.


It seemed like they were fighting.

And it was over my food.


I got off of Shiel and appeared before them.


They were indeed the goblins that I had saved earlier.


The goblins all turned to look at me.


“Wh-who are you!?”


The goblin with the deep voice…the one that was tall as an orc, was now pointing a short sword at me. So, this must be the General.


But his expression seemed less hostile and more fearful as he looked at me.


The other small, rounded goblin and the wrinkly one also looked like they were afraid.


However, the rounder goblin quickly admonished the General in a weak voice.


“Ge-general! This must be the man who saved us! Put down your weapon!”

“Princess…I cannot do that. This man…he is dangerous.”


In spite of this order by the goblin that they called ‘Princess,’ the General continued to point his short sword at me.


The reason that we could understand each other was likely due to the fact that these goblins were from the same Barleon Continent that the kingdom of Sanfaris was located in.


There were several human countries in Barleon.

However, there were places out of human reach, such as the mountains and deep forests, which the monsters made their home.


And the Barleon speech was used by both humans and monsters. It was the official language of Sanfaris.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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