Cave King – 125

Chapter 125 – They came!!


“Hmmm. Hmm. I see that she’s working very hard.”

Elto muttered as she watched Rienna practice casting magic.

“Yes. It’s not just with magic. She is very passionate about studying.”

Everyone had been quite serious about learning magic when I was teaching them.

Aside from magic, Rienna was always challenging herself to make new clothes and recipes, and in spite of Baris’s age, he was reading through so many books. They were all hard workers.

Elto sounded very impressed.

“I see. Still, this is all very surprising. You were surprising too, of course. But I did not expect to find so many people here who are gifted with magic.”

She said as she looked towards Baris, who had the ‘Magic King’ crest, and Ril, who came from a family of Kobolds who could use magic.

These two were especially promising out of Sheorl’s residents.

“Yes, Baris has the ‘Magic King’ crest. And Ril is a rare Kobold whose ancestors could use magic.”

“I see. Those two women are impressive as well… But that one… There is something different about that one.”

Elto said as she turned towards Mel.

Mel… Yes, Mel had been born with quite a lot of magic energy. And it had not taken Mel long to learn the transformation magic. She was definitely gifted.

But was Mel really so different from the others?

I asked her what she meant.

“Is Mel that amazing?”

“Yes. She is just a little sprout right now, but I can tell from the way that she gathers magic. It is not ordinary. Do you know what race she is?”

“No… We know that Mel isn’t just some white bird. And that she’s a monster. Do you know?”

“I do not. She is a creature that even I do not know. And that is why I also feel something like bottomless fear.”

…Bottomless fear?

Elto was afraid of a little baby bird?

“I think you’re overthinking it. Besides, Mel is a good child.”

Elto was silent for a moment and then nodded wordlessly.

What did she mean by that…?

However, Mel could already transform and talk.

Perhaps I should ask her what she’s capable of and what she thinks.

“In any case, thank you, Elto. It’s because of you that everyone is able to learn new magic.”

Aside from fire magic, Elto had also taught us magic that allowed us to transmit our will to someone, even if we didn’t speak the language. And she also taught us transformation magic.

“You are very welcome! More importantly, something is coming from the sea. And I sense an abnormal amount of drive from it. Are they from here?”

“…The sea? Do you mean…”

I could also sense the gathering of magic towards the horizon.

And among the gathering, there was one that was especially great.

“Did Kamyu return? …Oh, thanks, Mappa.”

As I squinted towards the sea, Mappa passed me a telescope.

It had a lens that was made from the scale of a Leviathan. Mappa was making them in bulk.

And so Mappa and I used them to look towards the magic energy.


A great, wrecked ship was moving towards us at a tremendous speed.

It only had one mast left, but I could see that it had a flag.

A black field with a golden frame. And in the center, a brilliant golden sun.

“A Sanfaris ship…”

I knew that this day would come.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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