Cave King – 98

Chapter 98 – I saw the treasure!!


After taming the Chimera, I decided to gather the remains of the destroyed Golems.

The first things that the Golems dropped were about 50 Heart Stones and Magic Stones.

The Hearts Stones could be used as cores, and the Magic Stones allowed Golems to learn magic.

Both were necessary in the creation of Golems.

Sheorl was in need of stronger defenses.

And so I would make good use of these.

Then there was their weapons and armor. They were all made of Mithril and were very durable.

We could use them as they were, or Mappa could take them apart and use them for materials.

In any case, I had the slimes carry them to the surface.

“Ahh, we got so much! And a Chimera as well.”

Fule said as she turned to me with a smile.

Not only did we get the remains of the Golems, but Aries and the Chimera had joined us.

Speaking of Aries, she was not able to leave the water for long periods of time, and so I had sent Taran with her so that she could return to her hot spring.

“Ahh, that’s right…”

I replied. But I could not be very happy about it.

This was because I couldn’t help but think about how Shiel must be feeling as she frantically touched the machine.

Just like how the dwarven bodies of the gray slimes had died, others must be dead here as well.

When Shiel had shown me a map of the city previously, she had said that the majority of the population lived in the lower layers. 

And so I headed towards Shiel.

“Shiel… Is there anything I can do to help?”

“…Thank you, Lord Heal. But I’m fine.”

Shiel stopped touching the buttons.

“Lord Heal… I must tell you something very important. I succeeded in controlling the Golems. Now they will no longer attack you… However…”

She hesitated before continuing.

“But there are some who lost their bodies due to the meteors. Not only that, but the machine itself was damaged. And so those who survived cannot be returned to normal.”

“I see…”

“This is all my fault… I believed that the lowest floor in the center of the mountain would be the safest…”

So the meteor hit the lower floors, where all the most important facilities happened to be located.

Shiel then continued.

“But…if the machine can be fixed…”

“I see. In that case we should head…no, we can’t go right away.”

According to Aries, there were many other Chimera underground.

“Yes. Chimeras are carnivores, so they won’t eat slimes, but…”

“They will attack the rest of us without a doubt…”

Shiel continued.

“This is our problem… No, it’s my responsibility as the one who led the people. And so please allow me to go so I can repair it.”

“I can’t do that… There might be something else dangerous that isn’t a Chimera. I can’t send you down to such a place alone.”

“Bu-but…please… It’s my duty to save all of them.”

“Yes. And that’s why I will help you.”

“No! I cannot accept more help from you, Lord Heal!”

“Shiel. What are you saying? You helped me when I was all alone. Even now, you continue to help us.”

Shiel had been the first to appear when I was alone on the island.

Not only had she offered her help after that, but she also cheered me up mentally.

“Lo-Lord Heal…”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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