Realist Demon King – 101

The Dwarf Cup


A dwarven chief lived in this castle.

To be precise, the ghost of the earth dwarf chief haunted this castle.

He was the chief of a dwarf settlement I had saved. And he had sacrificed himself in order to defeat a certain necromancer. But I had been lucky enough to be able to bring him back through a summoning ritual.

He had a strange history indeed, but his skills as an administrator and as a technician were S Rank.

He was very important to the Ashtaroth army.

And it was this old dwarf, who had a workshop in the corner of the castle. And here, he instructed his apprentices day and night.

He could no longer swing a hammer himself. However, his passion for creating things remained the same. And so they helped him realize his vision every day.

Not only did they develop new kinds of weapons, but they invented cannons and bombs, which he rained down over the courtyard.

This world already had cannons, but they were not very popular in the countryside. And so if my army was equipped with them, it would put us ahead of the others.

Or so I had thought. But this world had magic, and it was hard to not prioritize that.

It wasn’t as simple as just making cannons. You had to have soldiers who were good with numbers. Such soldiers needed to be trained.

I had felt that these things could be done once my army had expanded, and I had been pushing it back.

When I discussed this with Gottlieb, he agreed.

“It will cost money to raise such soldiers. You should prioritize readying a standard army first.”

“I will never have enough money.”

“That is true. My hope is that we one day become as prosperous as the trading city to the south.”

“Now that I think about it, the coffee that Eve acquired is from the south. Is the south the most prosperous region in this world?”

“Not necessarily.”

Gottlieb answered.

He pointed to a map of the world and the continent we were on.

He would explain it to me while using the wall map.

“Did you know that our continent is shaped like a cross?”

“Eve has told me.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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