Realist Demon King – 101


This great continent that we lived on was called Glorieus.

And it was shaped like a cross. Or a ninja star.

“And we live in the center of the continent. The crossroad. Many different tribes live here. Humans, demons, elves, dwarves.”

It was also a place where the fighting never seemed to end, Gottlieb added.

Indeed, these lands were connected to the east, west, south, and north. We could be invaded from any direction.

On the other hand, it also meant we could invade in any direction.

When I said this to Gottlieb, he smiled and said, ‘that’s true.’

“Generally, there is a lot of chaos near the center. The south is known as being warm and has good harvests. Furthermore, they can import spices and sugar from the island cities to the southwest, which makes them quite prosperous.”

“The lands themselves are rich.”

“Exactly. And the north is generally poor. But they do have mines, and the skills to process the ore. There are many industrial cities.”

“Hmm. So this world is much like my old one and others I’ve studied.”

It seemed like the south was always prosperous with great farmlands, while the north developed industrial cities.

You couldn’t live off the land in the north. So perhaps they had no choice but to develop that way.

Thinking of it like that, perhaps I had been born in the perfect location.

The land was reasonably rich and the people were hard workers. It was a place that was worth ruling.

‘That’s very like you,’ Gottlieb said with a laugh when I told him this.

Seeing his craggy face break into laughter was quite infectious.

“By the way, Demon King. I heard that you will be leaving the castle again.”

“Aye. I have business at Demon King Sabnac’s castle. An interesting merchant lives there.”

“Ah, I’ve heard the rumors. Perhaps this man has come from the south. There was news about a merchant in the south who came from another world.”

“Oh? Well, maybe you are right then.”

“Well, I don’t know for sure, but it will be worth finding out.”

“Indeed. Thankfully, there is no more Demon King there to oppose me. And so it will be easy to move. In any case, that means you will have to stay and take care of things here, Gottlieb. Can I count on you?”

I asked. I expected him to nod as if this were the most natural request in the world. However, this time, he had a condition.

It was quite unusual, but as his condition was something small, I readily agreed.

All he wanted was that I drink for him. As he was a ghost and could no longer drink.

He put the goblet in front of me.

It was a drink known as the ‘Fire Dragon’s Breath.’

It was known as being incredibly strong, but I did not feel like denying the old man’s request here.

Still, I did have him dilute it with water before I drank it.

This was a drink he had loved greatly in life. It burned hot in my stomach, and afterward, my breath felt so hot that I imagined I had become a fire dragon.

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    Ah, so it’s that highly concentrated alchohilic beverage, firewater eh?

    Not only can you drink it and be merry at the cost of burning away your own throat, you can use it to disinfect wounds as well!

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