Realist Demon King – 102

Saint Glutton


As I drank with my dwarven friend, Eve finished making preparations.

This included my clothes and everything we would need on the road.

Due to her efforts, I never lacked anything since I came to this world.

I was quite sure that I lived mostly alone in my past life. And so I had probably done everything myself. Regardless, I was very grateful for her presence now.

When I told her this, she smiled and bowed. ‘You are too kind,’ she said.

“Still, were you not a nobleman in your previous life? Did you not have a maid?”

“There might have been. There might have not.”

My memories were quite vague.

Even if there were maids there, clearly none had left much of an impression.

That was my conclusion as I left the office.

As always, we were going in disguise. And so I wanted as few people to know as possible, which included people of the castle and town.

“But why must it be a secret?”

Asked the Saint as she bit into a dried sweet potato.

And so I told her.

“Well, I am a Demon King. There could be assassination attempts, and the castle might be attacked if they know I am gone.”

“You do travel a lot Demon King. Hijikata said you are like Old Mito.”

“Old Mito, huh? In other words, Mito Komon.”

Mito Komon was the son of a feudal lord of the Mito house.

He traveled around the island and punished evil magistrates.

Of course, it was just a story. But an influential one, none the less.

In fact, the person who had a hand in writing the history of the era that Toshizou lived in was quite famous among enthusiasts. Had this person not compiled all of the information, their view of history would be quite different.

And I was quite fond of the idea of living quietly somewhere while writing books on history.

But recently, it did seem like I was traveling and defeating villains, just like Mito Komon.

When I told this to Jeanne, she laughed and said,

“So the reality is the opposite of your ideals.”

That is usually the case in life, I told her. And then we got in the carriage that had been prepared outside of the town.

This time, the driver would be a slime, instead of Hanzo.

The slime driver transformed into a human, and then we set off.

We were headed to Demon King Sabnac’s old lands in the north.

It was there that we would search for this merchant.

That was our goal.

Jeanne became excited as soon as the carriage started to move.

“It’s so much more comfortable than before!”

“It’s because of the suspension that Gottlieb added.”


She looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“It is a system that absorbs the shock. And this is accomplished by putting springs between the wheels.”

“That’s amazing. Even my ample chest no longer moves.”

That was an odd thing to say.

Besides, she was totally average.

“Well, at least you won’t get sick like you did last time.”

“That was a blunder. A Saint should not have vomited like that.”

“Indeed. You might be the only one to have discharged so much.”

“Please forget that. I am a new person now. I have the anti-carriage skill.”

“Oh, that’s good to know.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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