Realist Demon King – 102


To be honest, I didn’t care to have to rub her back again. So I was hoping that it would be the case. However, it turned out to be a bluff.

A few hours later, Jeanne became quite pale.

“You’re staring at me!’

This was because she had eaten so many sweet potatoes.

I was going to scold her about it, but making sure that she was alright was more important.

And so the carriage stopped at the side of the road, and I rubbed her back.

“Now that I think about it, we got attacked by bandits the last time this happened.”

“That’s true.”

Eve was also wary.

“It’s quite a cliche, really. I doubt it would happen again.”

These were Sabnac’s old lands.

But they were no one’s now. They were neutral.

There was a count in the neighboring country who claimed to own it, but he had no real authority.

And so it would have been easy for such a place to become overrun by bandits, but we didn’t encounter any.

However, unlike last time, Jeanne was not recovering.

She remained quite pale.

Eve and I tried to help her, but it seemed that she wasn’t just sick from the carriage.

As Eve was a walking database, she had an idea of what might be causing it.

“Perhaps she got food poisoning.”

“That’s possible. Jeanne. What did you eat this morning?”

“…I was with you…”

She breathed weakly as she spoke.

Now that I thought about it, we had eaten breakfast together.

“So, it’s not food poisoning then…”

I was feeling just fine.

Jeanne continued.

“…Also, dried sweet potatoes, dried meat, and some cream puffs I found in the pantry.”

“Hey, now. You’ve been eating too much.”

“I have a big appetite…”

Jeanne explained. Eve looked at her with an exasperated expression.

“Those cream puffs were going to be thrown away. Did you not smell them first?”

“…I did. But I just thought there was cheese inside.”

“I see. So you ate rotten cream puffs. So it is food poisoning.”

While troublesome, I wasn’t sure what to do.

Should we send her back to the castle or wait here until she recovered?

We hadn’t been traveling long, so we could turn back. But I would be worried about her just the same.

Besides, I didn’t know how long this merchant would be near Sabnac’s castle.

With all of this considered, I decided to treat Jeanne here.

I took off the cloak I was wearing and told Eve to watch her.

“And where are you going, Master?”

“There is a lake nearby.”

“Yes, there was. We gathered there when attacking Sabnac.”

“There is a fish in that lake that has a bladder which is supposed to help with food poisoning. I’m going to catch it and make some medicine.”

“I see. Very good, Master. I would be grateful if you could also catch some trout for dinner.”

“I’ll consider it.”

Upon hearing this, Jeanne moaned.

“Not just trout. Some eel as well…”

Even at a time like this, her appetite was strong.

And while Eve and I were quite exasperated, it was good to see that she was still herself.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Hasn’t anyone ever told this so called Saint that gluttony is a sin? Or does she devour sins as well, along with those cream puffs?

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