Cave King – 101

Chapter 101 – I Became the Emperor!!


“I see… In that case, people will definitely be sent from Sanfaris.”

Ashton muttered with crossed arms.

I had called everyone to the round table underneath the World Tree, so we could discuss what we should do in the future.

Erevan stood up and slapped the table.

“I don’t care what comes here! But if they refuse to listen to what the Chief has to say…then we just have to drive them away! It doesn’t matter how many of them there are!”

As Ashton and Haines were both warriors, they nodded at Erevan as if in agreement.

However, it was clear that Erevan was being careful about his wording. He had not used the word ‘fight.’

But then Kamyu said,

“You mustn’t get ahead of yourself. Indeed, I doubt they will come unarmed, but it would be normal for them to want to investigate the situation first.”

I nodded at Kamyu.

“Aye. If they are still treating me as a lord, then they should send a tax collector or inspector first…”

“Tax collector…I sort of understand what that is. But an inspector?”

Fule asked with a puzzled expression.

The others also looked a little confused.

“An inspector is someone who makes sure that a land is being properly governed. Are they planning a revolt or are the people being oppressed… They find out if anything unreasonable is occurring.”

Of course, this inspector would be selected and sent by the royals and nobles.

In other words, it was most likely that my older brothers would send one of their own men.

Rienna looked quite concerned as she spoke.

“Aside from the matter of the empire, there is no doubt that they will find fault with the existence of us monsters.”


Even if they didn’t do anything at first, they would return to Sanfaris, and the army would be dispatched.

It was here that Fule made a suggestion.

“Well, since Miss Leila and other humans are here. What if only we who appeared human remained on the surface…and father and the others hid in the cave?”

However, Erevan immediately looked annoyed by this suggestion.

“Hey, hey. Why do we have to hide?”

“Bu-but it would only be for a short while? If it meant we didn’t have to fight… Besides, these humans are your own kind, aren’t they, Lord Heal?”


Erevan fell silent at this.

I could tell that they were both thinking about me.

They didn’t want me to feel any distress. However…

Baris nodded.

“That is one possible solution. You will have to temporarily hide the entrance to the cave. But there is not much you can do about the World Tree…”

Leila had been silent up until now, but here she opened her mouth.

“I hope you do not take offense, but you are all rather too passive for my liking. I expected you people to be more spirited than this.”

“Eh? And who the hell are you?”

Erevan glared at Leila.

“Me? Oh, I’m just Heal’s fiance.”

Upon hearing these words, Erevan and the other monsters looked at her with surprise.

I quickly corrected her.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Yeah they will send a tax collector when you call yourself an emperor…….MC is really stupid, well a least Leila have a good head on her shoulders

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