Cave King – 100

Chapter 100 – I Accepted My Fate!!


“…Are you alright…Lord Heal.”


When I opened my eyes, I saw that Rienna was looking at me.

Apparently, I had fainted for a second.

Rienna had put my head on her lap like a pillow.

“Ah-ahh… Sorry, Rienna.”

I quickly got back to my feet.

And then Rienna looked at me apologetically.

“Lord Heal…I’m sorry. We did not understand what you were trying to say.”

“No, it’s my fault for not being more clear… Still, what should I do now…”

It had already been declared. This place was an empire.

And I was its emperor.

“Damn it…”

However, my former fiance, Leila, said,

“I don’t see why it is a problem. You can still run things like a republic, even though there is an emperor. In the first place, the Barleon Empire was a republic during its golden age. There is no need for you to be a dictator.”

“I wasn’t going to be a dictator no matter what happened… I’m not worried about how things will run here. I’m worried about how my father will react…”

“I see. Well, he will likely see this as treason.”

“…I know.”

…So what should I do?

It was too late to go after Berfalt.

The Amolis Republic was a mercantile nation.

Information about this island would spread between all the merchants of the country, and they might start visiting us…

Sanfaris merchants and diplomats would be in Amolis as well.

And they would also come into contact with other ships at sea.

So it would not be surprising if they bumped into royal ships.

It was just a matter of time before news of this reached the king’s ears.

Then Rienna opened her mouth.

“Why don’t you just tell your father that it was a mistake?”

“But I already declared myself once… It would look suspicious if I sent letters to other countries as an Emperor but then claimed I wasn’t to the king.”

I was just using the title when dealing with outsiders, but I wasn’t really taking on the role…

No, he would not believe that.

“…In any case, this island’s existence will be out in the open soon.”

And so Sanfaris will likely want to come and investigate.

And if I sunk the ship, they would just send another one. And if that didn’t work, the royal navy would be next.

…Perhaps I should go and negotiate with my father directly?

No, no one would ever accept that this was an island of monsters.

Even if I yielded to him or offered my own life, it wouldn’t make a difference…

“…Then we’ll have to fight.”

I looked at the two imperial crowns and decided.


During this time, at the royal port in the capital of Sanfaris, a certain high speed ship had just arrived.

It carried information from the royal navy that they had acquired after inspecting a merchant ship of the Amolis Republic.

The man who came out of the ship immediately went to the palace on horseback and thrust a document into the hands of the chamberlain.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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