Makai Hongi – 40

Chapter 40


◎Wisewolf Lobos

It will be thirty years now since I started working as a Commander under Nehyor.

He was a very easy-going person, but also very watchful of his subordinates.

He has helped me a lot in the past, and I could not be more grateful.

Up until recently, I was the second oldest of those who served him. But now I am the oldest.

This was because Golan the ogre had beaten the previous Commander through Gekokujyo.

Guden had served Nehyor for over fifty years.

I knew how strong and stubborn High Ogres could be, and the fight would not have been easy.

Their only weakness was their resistance to magic.

As for the new Commander that appeared. He was very proud.

“Beat it, mut.”

What a thing to say to a proud wise wolf.

And yet, he only had half as much mana as me.

It was exasperating seeing someone with such a weak body going around and picking fights.

“No, Lobos. You are in charge of the main attack. You cannot get injured here.”

Corps Commander Nehyor had said, and so I held back. But I was quite confident that I could crush him with one hand.

However, Nehyor continued to explain.

“Golan defeated Guden through Gekokujyo. He doesn’t seem to be injured right now. Can you really win, Lobos?”

Once he said that, I wasn’t sure how to answer.

It was strange indeed.

He clearly didn’t have enough mana to beat the idiot Guden.

That being said, Golan wouldn’t have been able to become Commander unless it was confirmed.

What did this mean?

Golan had antagonized everyone as soon as he entered the tent. And once the meeting was finished, he fought us all.

He was actually strong.

He easily beat the other three Commanders.

From what I could see, it would be a tough fight for me as well.

For some reason, his fighting style was different from any ogre I had ever seen.

Perhaps he had some horrible secret that he was keeping from us. Corps Commander Nehyor must have realized this.

Such thoughts plagued me, and then on the following day, he defeated the Taiga Commander.

The Taiga. Were they not amongst the high ranking monsters? I doubted my own big ears.

And this ended up being a decisive battle, because the enemy then retreated.

This country was protected by Lesser Demon King Melvis. It had not been invaded for hundreds of years.

Even when the other countries were continually at war, this country stayed the same.

But now we were being invaded. Perhaps this first time was just a way for them to see how we would react.

Of course, they strengthened their forces within a few months, and attacked once again.

And so once again, we were sent out under General Farneze.

“Golan cut off my arm.”

Without any of us having known, Golan had gone out and challenged Corps Commander Nehyor.

Not only that, but he had even cut off an arm and a hand!?

How the hell was he able to fight Nehyor with such low mana?

It didn’t make any sense.

Nehyor said that neither were fighting seriously, so there may be a rematch.

So they tied while holding back… It defied my imagination.

Maybe he really was stronger than me. I could no longer deny it.

And then the defensive battle began.


Makai Hongi

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