Makai Hongi – 21

Chapter 21


◎ Corps Commander Nehyor


After seeing that the enemy had retreated completely, I disbanded the army.

We had succeeded in protecting the hill and killing their Commander. The results were great.


As for us. We hadn’t lost anyone above a Commander.

There was one who was replaced through Gekokujyo, but that wasn’t a problem. Actually, it was a good thing.


“That’s the end of my report. Excuse me.”

“Wait one moment.”


I had just made my report to General Farneze.

However, I was stopped just as I tried to leave.



“Isn’t Guden a High Ogre? And yet, the new Commander…is just an ogre?”



It wasn’t particularly strange for a General to keep tabs on all the Commanders…in fact, there was a reason for doing so.


If I died on the battlefield, General Farneze would have to choose one of the Commanders to come and replace me.


And he would not be able to come to such a decision on the battlefield swiftly if he didn’t know their strengths and personalities.

This was why General Farneze was curious about the new Commander. But I would have preferred to avoid any further prying.


“Guden was not exactly weak.”

He wasn’t weak… In other words, he was average as far as High Ogres went.


And a normal High Ogre should be too powerful for a mere ogre, no matter how hard they tried.

Such was the gulf between the advanced types.


“Indeed… Well, such things do happen, you know. Maybe he was wounded in battle. Or was having a bad day…”


“I don’t see how having a bad day can alter the results of a Gekokujyo. But I suppose it’s possible that he was hurt.”

“Do you have any other questions?”


“No, that will be all. Good work.”

“Thank you. Excuse me.”

I bowed and left the room.


General Farneze was a Vampire like me.

But I would probably lose if I had to fight him.


While we were both Vampires, General Farneze was closer to an Elder type, just like Lesser Demon King Melvis.


For us Vampires, the Elders were near-legendary beings who had lived thousands of years.

In fact, I wasn’t quite sure why General Falneze was a general of such a small country like ours.


As his name wasn’t on the Tablet of Control, he clearly wasn’t a Lesser Demon King. However, I felt that if he had more subordinates to draw power from, he would be able to become a Lesser Demon King.


(Perhaps he has some reason for wanting to stay in this position. Just like me.)


It didn’t seem like he had any fondness towards the Elder Vampire, King Melvis. And so his actions felt very mysterious.


And it stimulated my curiosity greatly. 


(Both my superiors and subordinates are quite interesting. I’m glad that I came to this country.)


Golan must have some secret. There was no doubt about it.


And so if he ever declared Gekokujyo to me, I would accept it in the hopes of finding out what it was.

Just thinking about it filled me with anticipation.


The reports said that the Taiga he had defeated was just as powerful as me.

At least, it showed equal power to what I was showing now.


Golan was sure to want my position eventually. And he would challenge me to fight.

Yes, with that personality, he would definitely come. Ah, I cannot wait.



Makai Hongi

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