Makai Hongi – 220

Chapter 220

In general, life was cheap in the Demon World.
People died very easily.

Did I think that it was unreasonable? Not really.
Back in my old home, there was a phrase about how ‘human life outweighs the earth.’ But such sayings did not exist here.

You died if you were weak. And often, you would die even if you were strong.
You were responsible for yourself. You couldn’t complain about what happened to you.

The residents of the Celestial World were invading the town that Demon King Tralzard lived in.
And the people were overcome by the chaos.

In the meantime, the second enemy party had appeared from the crack in the sky.
And while some were quick to notice and retaliate with magic attacks, the residents of the Celestial World were quicker.

Currently, a storm of magic was being unleashed towards the sky.
But this second wave was even stronger than the first.

It was clear at a glance. After all, the holy power attacks that they launched towards the town were causing massive destruction.

They weren’t just streams of light.
They were more like a curtain.

That was how I would have to describe the scale of the attacks.
It was hard to believe that they could do such a thing in the Demon World, where the air was filled with mana.

However, the people here served a Demon King.
And the magic that they launched into the air was also taking down the celestial beings, one by one.

“They are strong, but I doubt they’re the main force.”
Yes, the Demon World high-rankers were struggling a little, but not too much.

No, the real enemy would come after this. I was sure of that.

Or else they would never have targeted a Demon King’s town.
They must have a reason for doing this.


An especially large attack rose from the ground. It was similar to the ‘Roar’ that I had been hit by. In fact, it was Roar.
And it turned multiple celestial beings into dust all at once.

Judging by the angle of the attack and the feeling of the mana, it was likely from Demon King Tralzard.

“What’s scary, is that it isn’t even her most powerful attack.”
Tralzard was still holding back.

But if she didn’t, she would end up killing her own men.
And so she had no choice.

Back during my past life, the dojo master had often told me to hold back. Of course, he meant during any fights that occurred outside of the dojo.

And that was when I fought without any weapons. The more powerful your weapon, the harder it was to hold back.

A wooden club, a beer bottle, an iron stick… If you fought with a weapon, you had to be very careful, or the consequences could be severe.

And it was only harder with lethal weapons. You couldn’t really fight with knives and guns without hurting someone.

As for the Demon World, the attack of a high-ranker was similar to a rifle.
And if we were talking about Lesser Demon Kings, well, they were like tanks.

In other words, you just had to think about the kind of damage a tank would do on the battlefield.

But what about a Demon King?
Were they like naval gunfire or ballistic missiles?

In the end, if Tralzard transformed and fought, it would cause great damage to the town.
Just like how if two warships fought, they would cause devastation to their surroundings.

It was the result of how people kept pursuing power in the Demon World.
Everyone wanted powerful weapons, but they were often unable to use them. I had seen this a lot.

If only they knew that daily training and honing of their skills for years or even centuries would solve that problem…

“But it’s no use telling a wild beast to train to hold back.”

Even if it was logical, no one wanted to do it.
It was too much trouble.

“On the other hand, I have it pretty easy.”

I just had to strengthen my own body.
Perhaps Lesser High King Yamato did something similar.

While Tralzard was holding back with her roar, the celestial beings were still being vaporized in the air.

That roar was very powerful.
If I didn’t have the Mana Drain shield, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to launch a counterattack and would have been turned to dust before I could escape.

“Yes, I would pay her back for that next time.”
Though, I wasn’t sure that I really could.

By the time that the second party was reduced to less than half, the crack in the sky finally widened.
“So, they’re here.”

This invasion.
They must be targeting the Demon King.

I had heard that during the last great scale invasion, they had defeated Demon King Bardodo.
And Bardodo’s lands were right to the south of Tralzard’s.

Of course, the reason that they invaded the Demon World was because they wanted the Orbs of Control.

In other words…
They either needed two orbs from a Demon King, or they ran out during their experiments, or it was for something else.

They were here to ‘gather materials.’

And when I thought about how my men had died for this, it made me mad beyond belief.
“Now, it’s also time for me to stop playing.”

Even the roar, which blew away the celestial beings, was not enough to reach the main party.
It was blocked by some kind of protective wall.

“There are three of them… They were probably going to try and create a barrier.

They were incomplete in their current state. The mana kept their strength at fifty percent.
Since there were three of them, they should be able to manage to activate a barrier. Perhaps they thought it would make things even between us.

And so as the enemy began to descend, I targeted the one that was closest to me.

“Don’t you dare die before I reach you.”
I would crush anyone who tried to steal my prey.

“…Hahaha! So I arrived first.”

It seemed that my prayer was answered, and there was no one else near the enemy.
Perhaps they had landed here because it would be easier to make the barrier if there was no one around. All the better for me.

“You’re unlucky to have encountered me in the Demon World. You should say as many prayers as the number of people you’ve killed!’

Now, let’s begin. Hold back? I would do no such thing.

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