My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 8

I Was Invited to the Mansion

“My goodness…an orc…Mr. Takumi, I cannot thank you enough. I did not know what to do when Lady Claire left the mansion in order to get some medicine… It was only now that I started to put together a team of men to send to the forest.”
“Hahaha… But I really didn’t do much. Besides, it was Leo here who saved her.”

He kept thanking me, but I really didn’t do anything.
I just found Ms. Claire as we were trying to get out of the forest, that’s all.
And it was Leo who defeated the orc.
Leo looked proud as I petted her. And then I explained everything to Sebastian.

“So you used your familiar to save Lady Claire. But this familiar…sure it is not…”
“Sebastian. I saw it cut an orc open with my own eyes. There is no doubt in my mind that such a thing is only possible because Leo is a Silver Fenrir.”
“I thought so, judging from its appearance. So it really is a Silver Fenrir…I did know about them from reading, but I never thought the day would come where I could see one with my own eyes.”
“Yes, I never thought that I would see one either.”
“The Silver Fenrir is a symbol of this country, an absolutely inviolable being. I can hardly believe that there is someone who can control one as a familiar…”
“…No…I wouldn’t say control. I just rescued her a few years ago… While she has really taken to me, she isn’t a familiar or anything. I think of her as a buddy.”
“Wuff. Wuff.”
“…Rescue a Silver Fenrir…how can that be…”

After hearing my words, Leo pushed her face towards me again, and so I patted her head.
However, to Sebastian, me calling her my buddy was not as surprising as the fact that I had rescued her.

“Mr. Takumi. Silver Fenrir are known to take good care of their family. Usually a parent would be near a Silver Fenrir pup, so rescuing one would have to be a very rare occurrence.”
“…Is that so…”

Well, she was actually a Maltese, not a Silver Fenrir.
I had just seen her abandoned inside of a cardboard box on the side of the road.
There were no dogs around that could have been a parent. My guess was that the newborn pup could not be raised for some reason, and so they had left her there.

“Mr. Takumi. How did you ever manage to…”
“You should talk with Mr. Takumi about it later, when there is time. Tilura must come first. Her fever has not broken, yes? But Mr. Takumi has found some Ramogi. We should be able to heal Tilura with it.”
“So you have even found some Ramogi. I do not know how to express my gratitude.”
“In any case, there is no point in standing here talking. So let us go inside.”
“Of course, forgive me. Mr. Takumi, welcome to the Liebert family villa. I and all the servants of the house will be glad to receive you.”

Sebastian said with a bow, and then he opened the doors wide and urged us to enter.
Ms. Claire entered without concern, as it was her own house that she was familiar with. Leo also followed after her with a leisurely stride.
But I had never been in such a fancy mansion before. I didn’t know what it was like to be received by butlers and servants. Would my manners be alright…
I tried to prevent it from showing, but inside, I was feeling very nervous as I stepped into the mansion.

“Welcome home, Lady Claire!”

As soon as we entered the entrance hall, we were greeted by the maids and other butlers.
This was even more overwhelming than the building itself.
Sebastian had said that there were other servants, but I didn’t expect there to be this many…
There were around twenty of them.

“Thank you. Sebastian, I’ll leave the Ramogi to you.”
“Our guests are the ones who saved me. Please treat them courteously.”

Ms. Claire carefully took out the Ramogi and handed it to Sebastian, before calling out to the other servants.
The servants replied, and then most of them scattered off in different directions.
Then the two remaining maids walked up to me.

“Thank you for helping our Lady Claire. It is my job to take care of visitors. My name is Lyra.”
“I will also attend to your needs. My name is Gelda.”
“…Ah… Thank you.”

I had never met a maid before, and so I didn’t know how to react.
Perhaps I should have gone to a maid cafe at least once.
While meeting the servants was overwhelming, the entrance hall was as well.
While there had been over twenty people here a moment ago, it was so big that it hadn’t felt crowded. A red carpet stretched out from the entrance, through the hall and then up some stairs.
I felt like I had seen such an entrance hall before…
Ah, that’s what it was frome.
A certain horror game where you used guns to shoot zombies.
I had tried it once, after a friend recommended it to me. But I disliked the genre, and I didn’t have time due to work, and so I never finished it.
Well, if I had enough time to play games, then I would rather use that time to play with Leo.
Though this entrance hall looked very similar, being filled with people ensured that the atmosphere was less scary.
If anything, there was a certain warmth to it.
Perhaps it was because the maids and butlers had such cheerful expressions?
That being said, I would still want to avoid coming out into this hall in the middle of the night where there was no one else there…

“Mr. Takumi, I must go and see Tilura…my younger sister.”
“Yes, of course.”
“Lyra, Gelda. See to it that our guests are properly attended to.”
“Yes, Lady Claire.”
“I will do my best!”

And so Ms. Claire left us and went up the stairs.
She must be very worried about her sister. What a kind person.
Lyra had long black hair and was very pretty. Gelda had short brown hair and a freckled face that looked tense and nervous.
But I wish that she wouldn’t be. I would not mind at all if they treated me carelessly.

“Mr. Takumi. Please follow us to the guest room. It’s right this way.”
“Please come with us!”
“Ah…uh. Can Leo…come with us?”
“Yes. The room is more than big enough.”
“It will be fine!”
“That’s good. Alright, then please lead the way.”

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