Makai Hongi – 14

Chapter 14


◎ The Lookout Hill. Main Camp. Corps Commander Nehyor.


As the sun started to come down, the sounds of fighting began to fade away.

I could see that in the center, Lobos’s men had sheathed their weapons.


“Good work today. Now, as always. Prepare for the meeting.”

I gave the order. I could not stop the excitement from showing in my voice.


After all, today’s meeting would be a little different.

Yesterday, Golan had done something very interesting.


(Now, now. What will the final outcome be?)


I could just ask him during the meeting, but I was feeling so anxious.


Like all ogres, Golan was very warlike. But he also wasn’t stupid.

If anything, he had looked at the strategy map and understood the plan just by listening to my explanation.


It was normal that he would beat the enemy commander with power, but his intelligence was rare.


The meeting tent was already set up.

My subordinates were used to doing it and didn’t make any mistakes.


Well, except for yesterday. But no one had expected an ogre to ever show up. So I did not blame them.


That was very unusual. And it had been amusing to watch.


“Golan. How very promising.”


The country that was currently attacking us was Lesser Demon King Leninoth’s country.

It had already absorbed two countries that had been ruled by Lesser Demon Kings, which greatly enhanced its strength.


Currently, Lobos was struggling, and so there was no way that someone who had been a commander for one day could do anything.

Still, I was looking forward to seeing things unfold.


“…Well, I suppose Golan showing up is fifty-fifty.”


Lobos had already fought the enemy commander twice and retreated both times.

It was impossible to win. And it was also impossible to stall.


General Falneze had ordered them to hold the lookout hill for as long as possible.


This place wasn’t particularly important to their strategy, and so the enemy did not even put that much weight into their attacks.

And so I believed that we could buy enough time, even if I didn’t join the fight.


However, it would be a different story if we were to go on the attack.

There was always a central figure in the enemy formation. In other words, a boss.


Considering the scale of the enemy’s army here, there would surely be a commander.


“However, this is the commander of a country that swallowed up two countries ruled by Lesser Demon Kings.”


So, that meant this country they were fighting against had three Lesser Demon Kings.

Simply put, they were three times stronger.


In fact, our country had a small population, to begin with, so the difference might be even bigger.

Perhaps someone that would be a corps commander in our country would be a normal commander in theirs.


“And he said he would take it one day… Hehehe. How ridiculous.”

Golan really was a funny one.


“Everyone has arrived.”

My subordinate called me.


“What about the ogre?”

“No, he did not come.”


So he died after all.

He talked a big game. He even managed to get my hopes up a little.


“Well, we’ll have to decide on a new commander then. Who should I chose?”

If a commander died in battle, I had the authority to chose the next one. It would be a hassle, but I suppose I would have to call the new candidates.


“Actually he…”



“He’s sleeping…”


Had my ears stopped working?


“According to the report, Commander Golan has taken the enemy stronghold and defeated their commander. And then he started taking a nap on the commander’s corpse.”


“What? What? …Ahahahahaha! So he fell asleep.”


Oh, this was very amusing indeed.

He was sleeping on enemy soil? On top of their commander’s corpse? And he really did it. He took it in just one day.


“Any information on the enemy commander?”

“It was a Taiga.”


A Taiga…they were quite strong among monsters.

Had it been Lobos who was fighting, he would have been kicked immediately and that would be the end of it.


Even among monsters, that was how big the difference in strength was.

And yet he had won? With that level of mana?


Perhaps there really was some reason that he had been able to defeat Guden.

Interesting. I would have to keep an eye on him.


“Well, tell them to let him rest then. After all, he achieved the most out of anyone today.”



I could not stop laughing as I saw the messenger walk away.

Golan sure was entertaining.


Makai Hongi

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