Makai Hongi – 357

Chapter 357

General Tulart bridged the gap between us with long strides.
That was a Cyclops for you. He was so big that he appeared to be moving slowly at first, but he was actually fast.

And then he raised his giant battleaxe as if it weighed nothing.

And then it came down in a magnificent swing.
I didn’t think he was close enough to reach me yet, but then his arm stretched.

No, it was an illusion.
His motions were so big that it was difficult to measure the distance.

I had been thinking that I would just block General Tulart’s first attack.
I wanted to see for myself how much power he had.


The hexagonal club and battleaxe clashed together, and furious sparks flew in the air.
As for me, while my legs were locked in place and my heels dug in the dirt, I had been pushed back over ten meters.

“…His strength is unbelievable.”
I used body strengthening to block him, and yet it had not been enough.

General Tulart seemed to think that this was his chance, and he unleashed a chain of attacks.
The battleaxe cried as it cut through the wind and shot towards me.

I see. His every attack had such weight. It has so much destructive force.
It wasn’t just his own power, but also the ability of his weapon.

“However, it’s not quite enough.”
I had fought people who were beyond classification. And so I wasn’t going to lose against someone who was just specialized for strength.

As the battleaxe came down, I swept it aside and let it slide on the surface of the hexagonal club.
The impact was so strong that the ground under my feet shook. The blade of the battleaxe hit the ground instead, and dug in deep.

By then, I had thrown down the weapon and gone around to General Tulart’s side.
“The bigger you are, the more blindspots you have.”

I swiftly moved under his arm.
Then I grabbed his elbow with both hands and pulled down as strong as I could.

Of course, he would lose his balance and flail in the air.
That was all I needed. After all, the General’s chest and head were covered in armor.

If his legs got caught at the right time, he would trip and fall.
I would make him fall backwards.

It was actually impressive that he managed to not let go of his weapon when this happened. However, it was also a bad move.
If I twisted the weapon, his wrist would follow.

I could hear a muffled grunt from within the armor, but I ignored it.
I pushed him so that he was lying on the ground, face first, and I twisted his arm up.

“And now…”
I strengthened my body to the limit and started to break his arm.

In this position, he will not be able to fight back…at least, that should be the case. However, he had clearly not given up either.
It was all my power versus the General’s joints. Which would come out on top?


Yeah. Of course, it would break.

He had not trained or studied ways to escape such locking techniques. All he could do was flail his legs and try to buy some time before his arm was broken.

I had just broken it at the elbow, but would have to do a lot more than that to affect the fighting ability of a General.
“And now the next one.”

He tried to get back up, and so I held both arms behind his back, and pulled one arm up while placing my foot on his neck.
There was something humorous about the way he struggled, as if he thought that I was going for his neck next.

“Sorry, it’s this one.”
I slowly turned his arm until it had rotated all the way. And then I applied some pressure…


His shoulder was dislocated.

“I’m sure you don’t know how to fix a dislocated shoulder. And so it’s still my turn.”
I picked up the hexagonal club that I had dropped and then I bared my teeth and laughed.

During the past month, when I had to fight all of the challengers, I had purposely refrained from using all of my techniques.

I had not shown them everything.
It was in hopes that they would assume that I had no other fighting styles. And it had worked.

This was my first time using locking techniques. So it would have been a great surprise.

I had even thought of different patterns for fighting all three of the Generals.

“In fact, it’s going to be my turn for a very long time!”

From there, it was practically a one-sided battle.
If you could even call it a battle.

I charged the hexagonal club with mana and hit the heavy armor of the General.
Over and over again.

Eventually, the armor no longer retained its original shape, and parts started to fly off.
But I didn’t stop.


I absorbed his mana and continued to hit.
As long as I could recover my mana, I could continue to hit him a thousand or even two thousand times.

I was a simple perpetual motion machine.

In the end, it was just a world where I continued to persistently hit General Tulart, who was now wearing rags and scrap metal.

I was so concentrated that I couldn’t hear any of the sounds around me… And then I realized that the entire arena had gone quiet.
The spectators were recoiling.

I shouted and continued to punch.

Once General Tulart’s body was halfway into the ground, I was declared the victor.
And while I raised the hexagonal club in the air in a victory pose, no one clapped.

“…Don’t you think that you’re going a little too far?”
General Farneze looked very put off.

“Victory is about the luck you have at that moment. It could have been me lying there in the dirt.”
“I see…”

I thought that I had made a convincing argument, but General Farneze did not look very convinced.

“You’re next, General. Please do your best.”
“Aye… Though, I doubt I will be quite as thorough as you. Well, see you later.”

General Farneze kicked the ground and rose lightly into the air.

As for General Dardaroth…he was waiting right above the arena.
Both of them fought in the air. The fact that he took position first suggested he was used to fighting like this.

As the spectators were consumed with excitement before the battle, the two Generals clashed.

As for the result, General Farneze was defeated.
It felt as if General Dardaroth had controlled the flow of the battle from beginning to end.

In fact, he even seemed to be holding back.
“What the…it was overwhelming. Had General Dardaroth been toying with her at first?”

It wasn’t just his ability, but he had incredible skill with how he navigated the battle.
With magic, he didn’t just shoot ahead, but would change the timing or add invisible attacks to the mix or attack right when he entered a blindspot. He had a lot of little tricks like that.

“Who would have thought that someone so smart existed in this country.”
I understood that he was clever, but the fight was over before General Farneze could really force him to show his true ability. That was unfortunate.

“…I lost.”
General Farneze returned after the battle.

I couldn’t say, ‘it was a close one’ or ‘you almost had him.’
She had been overwhelmed and toyed with the whole time.

It was like she was defeated before she could even do anything.
They were both Generals, but the gap between them was wide.

“I’m sorry that it was such a disappointing fight.”
“No, now I know that I will have to really brace myself for what’s to come.”

Perhaps it was the result of being in Melvis’s shadow. But I was surprised to see someone so capable.

“Well, it seems like he’s waiting. I better go.”
Even after the fight, General Dardaroth would not leave the arena.

He was just floating there and waiting.
I didn’t want to disappoint him.

“…Oh, maybe this one would be better.”
I decided to use the Deepsea Dragon sword this time, as it was faster.

And so I gripped the sword tightly and descended into the arena.

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