Makai Hongi – 356

Chapter 356

My name was called.
Would people still challenge me to Gekokujo, even though it was right before the fight?

I turned around to see who it was, and it was a familiar face.

“General Miralda and…and…”
“It’s been a while, Golan.”

“And? What?”

“King Tralzard!”
“Mmm. Indeed, I am Tralzard. Have you forgotten me already, Golan?”

“What are you doing here!? What about your country?”
“It’s still there.”

“That’s not what I mean. Why did you leave! What about protecting it?”

“Well, I won’t say that I’m not worried, but since you were going to fight, we all decided to come here and watch.”
Yes, there were actually quite a few familiar faces there.

But was it really alright? A Demon King and her General coming out here to watch a fight.
It didn’t seem right at all. Surely someone would want to make a name for themselves by taking a Demon King’s head.

Why would you come to a place where you would draw so much attention?
“You’re going to watch… From where?”

“I have secured a spot. See, over there.”
“You laid out a picnic blanket!”

Is it cherry blossom season?!

There were even lunchboxes. They were very thorough.
It was pure entertainment for them. The Demon King and General were just out on a fun excursion.

“I heard that you defeated all of the challengers. I knew you could do it, Golan. We all have high hopes for you.”
There had been a whole month between deciding there would be a tournament and today.

Preparations had been made carefully so that Melvis could go to the Human World without regret. And there were numerous requests from neighboring countries who had heard about the fight and wanted to spectate.

And so the non-combatant civil officers had to prepare a venue in a great rush.

In the meantime, I had to fight challenger after challenger.
I didn’t even want to think about it anymore.

The Demon King and her entourage started to drink, and so I muttered a few words and then left them.
I needed to draw my lot.

Apparently, General Farneze had already drawn hers.

“You’re the last one, Golan.”
“Ah, I see.”

Then wouldn’t the results be known without me taking it?

It was a ball inside of a box.
I shoved my hand inside and took out the last remaining one.

“…It says ‘first.’ What’s yours, General?”
“Mine is ‘after.’”

“Then that means…My opponent will be one of them.”
On the other side, General Dardaroth and General Tulart were talking.

I see. As they would not be fighting each other, perhaps they were exchanging information.
“Which one would you prefer to fight against, General?”

“That would be General Tulart. General Dardaroth and I have similar fighting styles.”
“Ahh. So you wouldn’t have the advantage of being able to fly.”

With this tournament, there were no detailed rules at all.
You could use any weapon that you wanted.

As long as you weren’t relying on outside help, you could do anything and bring anything.
That’s the kind of fight it was.

“As for me, I would find it very difficult to get through General Tulart’s armor.”
From my point of view, he looked like he was wearing a mass of iron. Could you even call that armor?

His defenses were so strong that I was almost worried that he wouldn’t be able to move.
If I fought him head on, it could become very troublesome.

As for General Dardaroth, he was the opposite, and prioritised attacking when choosing his equipment.
He had a vast array of weapons on his back.

They were likely all rare and incredibly expensive.
But he was dressed lightly, and clearly cared about speed.

You could tell that he would mainly attack from up in the air.

As for how I was equipped, it was the usual dragon scale armor, Hexagonal Club and Deepsea Dragon Sword.

While my magic defense was incredibly low, I had Mana Absorption, so as long as I could get the timing right, I had nothing to fear.

The arena was a simple one. Giants had spent several days flattening the area, and then walls of dirt had been built around it.

That being said, it was made to be very big.
It was probably around a kilometer in diameter.

“It will be starting soon.”
Said General Farneze. I nodded.

There would be no announcer to rouse the spectators.
The people who had been working on the arena until the last minute finally started to draw away.

They must have noticed the change in atmosphere.
The gallery became quiet.

“Well, I’m off then.”
So, who was I going to fight? I had forgotten to ask about it.

When I descended into the arena, the crowd exploded with shock and excitement.
They all knew that I had fought numerous people who had challenged me to Gekokujo.

“So he really did beat all of them.” That was their reaction.

And then I waited for some time… And then my opponent arrived.

He was huge.
The ground shook with every step.

Yes. My opponent in this fight would be General Tulart.
He was a Cyclops. They were known for their size and for being a physical type combat race.

He was wearing armor, so you couldn’t see it now, but his muscles were so hard that you’d think they were made of steel.

There were wires that are used with elevators.
If you took dozens of them and combined them, it would have a similar strength.

“Well, perhaps this is still the easier opponent.”

Someone who could use magic and fly in the sky would be much more dangerous for me.
No matter how strong and no matter how tough he was, if I could break through his defense, then I would win.

But I would lose if I couldn’t do that.
It was nice and simple.

“I’m ready. Come at me!”

I shouted as I pointed the hexagonal club at him.

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