Seisan Mahoushi – 57

Chapter 57 – Improving the Mountain Peak!

“Now, I suppose we should go down once. However…”

It was too dangerous to leave the mountain like this without doing anything.
Even if we had defeated the dragon, it was possible that other units from the Demon King Army were still in the area.

Not only that, but it would be painful for the Tengu to have to sleep on the hard rocks.

While the real work of restoration could come later, some temporary measures were currently necessary.

“We brought the Golems all of the way here. So we might as well have them alter the mountain and make it easier to live in. Asuha. Would you mind if we changed some things?”

I saw that Asuha had nodded, and so I then ordered the Golems to smooth out the horizontal holes near the top of the mountain.

“And you can dig a little deeper too. And make widened chambers in the back so they can hide or store food when needed.”

The Golems did as I said, and began to dig through the holes that the Tengu hid in.

They would dig in a spiral that led to an open space in the center of the mountain.

As for me, I decided to use the dragon bones to make armor and shields for the Tengu.

Dragon bones were light and durable, which made them perfect for protecting Tengu that flew in the air.
They would be able to fly without sacrificing their speed.

And just like the Kijins, I would make it lamellar armor.
First, I cut the bones so that they were small plates, and then strung them together into the shape of armor.
For the time being, I made fifty sets of armor and fifty shields.

The Tengu looked at the armor with puzzled expressions.

“You want us to wear this?”

Asuha muttered. And then Iria picked up one set of armor.

“I will show you how to put it on. And Mette will teach you to use the shields.”

While I worked, Iria and Mette began to teach the Tengu how to wear the armor and use the shields.

As for weapons, that would require a little more thought.
The reason was that due to the fact I had brought so many Ent leaves and rocks, I did not have much iron or wood materials with me.

Well, it seemed like there was plenty of space even with the boulders in there, so perhaps I could have brought more if I tried…

In any case, I had to make do with the materials I had.

And so I used all the wood and made twenty spears.

The spearheads were made with sharpened dragon claws.
While they were probably no sharper than normal iron, they would be much harder, and very reliable.
Furthermore, as they were light, they could be thrown with ease.
Though, surely they were too valuable to risk losing them like that…

As soon as the spears were finished, someone appeared who looked very interested in them.
It was Asuha.

“What is this?”
“Ah, it’s called a spear. Have you never seen one before?”
“Yes. In general, we do not use tools.”
“Because you can just hunt with your beaks… Well, we use these to pierce enemies and prey so that they are weakened.”
“I see…”
“Try holding it. But be careful that you don’t hit anyone by accident.”

And so Asuha picked up the dragon bone spear.

And then she threw it towards a protruding boulder.
It was around thirty beters away.

Her arm strength was certainly impressive.
It was fast like an arrow as it flew towards the distant rock.

But surely she would miss on her first throw… Huh?

However, it landed perfectly and pierced the center of the protruding rock.

“You…did it…”

And it had pierced the rock quite deeply as well.
Even when considering that it was made of dragon bone, it still suggested incredible power.

“You hit it. Amazing.”

Melk clapped her hands at Asuha.

“Thank you…”

But she did not look particularly happy when she said it. She was without expression.

…In a way, Melk and Asuha were similar.

Though, Melk often said what was on her mind immediately, while Asuha had a more reserved air. So perhaps they weren’t that similar after all.

And then Asuha muttered.

“It’s the spear that is impressive. And so is Sir Joshua who made it. Yes, very impressive. I like him very much.”

Well, I suppose she too was capable of being frank…

After that, I used the Mope wool that covered the Golems to make some mattresses.

Furthermore, we taught the Tengus to use signal fires, so we could be alerted if large groups of humans or monsters were seen on the road.

And once everything was finished, we returned to the village.

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