Makai Hongi – 358

Chapter 358

As for the battle between me and General Dardaroth.
I lost.

I had thought that I would be able to deal with ranged magic attacks as long as I had mana absorption, but Dardaroth fought with even more cunning than when against General Farneze.

For instance, he would strike me at angles where I couldn’t use mana absorption.
Not only did he move with rapid speed, but so did his magic.

Ultimately, my only hope, ‘mana absorption,’ was a failure.
After being showered with attacks, I was no longer able to move, and was forced to yield.

But I realized that there was such a way to fight, which was educational.

I had been able to learn to predict his movements to a degree, and was even able to cut down one of his weapons. But that was the limit of my counterattacks.
Well, it wasn’t as if I wanted to represent this country, so it was fine.

Though, perhaps I would devise a new strategy and challenge him again.
Once I figured out a way to deal with magic that curved freely.

And like this, the tournament ended with General Dardaroth’s victory.
I wondered if the spectators from the other countries were satisfied.

The rest of the world saw this tournament as a celebration for Melvis’s return to being a Great Demon King.
And they had been able to witness the fighting force of a Great Demon King’s country, so they must be satisfied.

As for Melvis, he never showed his face at all.
I understood that he was busy making preparations for going to the Human World, but I couldn’t help but wish he would have a little more interest in the Demon World and his own country.

However, to him the Demon World was little more than a place that he could come back to.
It was unfortunate.

“So, Golan. I am counting on you.”

And so I became a General.

Dardaroth had moved up and would now represent the country.

Though, it was still Melvis’s country, so the only other thing that changed was that I got a promotion.
A promotion after being defeated. It was strange indeed.

And then, without anyone seeing him off, Melvis departed… I think.
I say ‘I think,’ because Melvis had locked himself up in the stone chamber that was his room.

In order to go to the Human World, your soul had to be cut off from your flesh.
A powerful barrier had been created at the room’s entrance, and it was impossible for someone of my level to break through it.

Perhaps if there were two Great Demon Kings working together, they could destroy it.
Regardless, it was because of this that I had no idea what had happened inside of the room.

“I haven’t seen Jikae and Manny in awhile.”
Well, I had never actually seen them.

But once Melvis entered the stone chamber, the presence of those two had vanished.
They must have gone in with him.

I suppose in their own way, they were devoted to Melvis.
Perhaps they would sleep in the room until he returned.

“There is much that we need to do. This country must be protected until King Melvis returns.”

Said General Farneze. But it was my opinion that Melvis would not return.
He had searched for Yamato for so long.

Once he goes to the Human World, he will have no reason to return.
He would likely become preoccupied with finding a way to prevent Yamato’s death.

And so I would leave the Human World to them.
It had nothing to do with me.

“I have to protect my men, and I have no intention of being negligent.”
Now that I was a General, I had many more subordinates.

Which meant I was incredibly busy.
I would have to train them, and think about this country and put forward my opinions without personal bias.

I had asked General Farneze once, ‘I don’t think it suits me. Can I quit?’ and she said, ‘Now that I think about it, General Tulart is still rehabilitating.’

“That’s rough.” I said, feigning ignorance.

And so I had no choice but to dedicate myself to the role for a while.
“Well, I suppose it’s not too bad. The Demon World is currently at peace.”

Melvis going to the Human World was a top secret.
Only us Generals knew about it.

The name ‘Great Demon King Melvis’ was still written on the Tablet of Control, and now the surrounding countries knew very well what his fury looked like.
And so we should have nothing to worry about for some time.

I just prayed that it would continue.

“Sir Golan. The new recruits have arrived.”

“Well done, Rig. Now just have them fight the person next to them, and keep the winners. And make the losers run around the castle until nightfall.”

“Yes, sir. I will do it at once.”
Rig was my Adjutant.

Thanks to him, my job was a lot easier.
I wondered if I would eventually get used to the position of being a General in this country.

“It might not be so bad.”
I looked up at the sky. Pale white clouds hung in the air.

“And all’s right with the world…I guess.”
From far away, I could hear voices saying ‘Aarrggghh!’

The training of the new recruits had begun.

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  1. Okay so he got himself promoted to General and eliminated a General, so he was forced to actually do the job, but how can he blunder into being a Great Demon King, or higher, in just one chapter?

  2. “And all’s right with the world…I guess.”
    From far away, I could hear voices saying ‘Aarrggghh!’

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