Makai Hongi – 359

Chapter 359

Time passed after that.
That being said, not that much.

Melvis’s country was relatively peaceful.
There were some changes of varying magnitude, but we continued to function.

Once, I even journeyed over to Tralzard’s country.
“You. About that fight… Were you trying to do that?”

Even now, they recoiled at the memory of that fight.
Apparently, she had continued to watch up until the point that I flattened him. And it had been rather traumatic for her.

“I didn’t have any choice but to do it.”
I answered. But she just looked at me suspiciously. It was very rude.

Currently, Melvis’s country and Tralzard’s country were in an alliance.
Their relationship had once been that of Demon King and Lesser Demon King, but now they were Demon King and Great Demon King.

Still, nothing had actually changed between us.
Just as before, we would help each other during times of war.

As Melvis had no ambitions when it came to lands, his Generals, which now included me, had no intention of invading other territories.

And since Tralzard was also feared by her neighbors, there was little reason for concern when it came to invasions.
So this trip was just a casual confirmation that the alliance would be maintained.

I hoped that we would continue to be on friendly terms.

Also, there was another country ruled by a Great Demon King. Dalm’s country was to the east.
We were not in an alliance with him.

If two Great Demon Kings formed an alliance, then the other Great Demon Kings and Demon Kings would grow suspicious, and so we had no plans of doing so.

But I did visit Dalm’s country once and met with Bulei.

It was my second time there, and there were a surprising number of inhabitants.
The reason that it had been so empty when I first visited was because they had all evacuated.

As this was a country ruled by a Great Demon King, his Adjutants and Generals were all incredibly powerful looking.
They weren’t people that you wanted to accidentally start a fight with.

While we wouldn’t be allies, we wouldn’t be enemies either. And we hoped to be good neighbors.

Now, as for Melvis. We had heard nothing.
I was sure that he had gone to the Human World, but there was no way for us to confirm it. And so the matter was dropped.

But he was probably there, having fun with Yamato.
I just hoped they wouldn’t try to fight the humans.

And the Celestial World was calm… In fact, they were eerily quiet.
More Fallen had arrived afterward, and Dalm offered them his protection.

Bulei told me about it.
Enra, who had been the greatest power in the Celestial World, had lost their position, and were soon usurped by some other institution.

But the Enra institution was attempting to make a comeback with all of the holy power they had stored up until now, and so the Celestial World continued to be tumultuous.

They would not be able to invade the Demon World for quite some time then.
I wondered if we couldn’t just use Melvis’s body and create a barrier, but that seemed like it would result in its own slew of problems, and so I decided to not think about it.

Yes, yes. There was one other change.

I got married.
Though, there wasn’t an actual marriage system in the Demon World.

It’s just that we did what we did, and a child was born. So our relationship was now something that one might call marriage. That was all.

As for who, it was Beka the Dakini.
Surprising? It was surprising for me as well.

“Here, Golan. Look at him. It’s Golan.”
You might think that Beka had gone crazy. But that wasn’t it.

The child that Beka and I had was called Golan. What a coincidence.

In the Demon World, the names of residents were carved into their souls when they were born.
They were not named by anyone else. People were born with them.

And so my child just happened to have the same name as me.
As for his race, it was apparently ‘Raksha.’

He was an Origin at birth.
What kind of cheat…

While not exactly like Bambi, residents of the Demon World could move quite a lot as soon as they were born.
And after ten days, they could already run around.


Recently, he had taken a liking to smashing his fists together.
I had taught him how to do it, and he giggled happily. Now he would do it constantly.

While he was a newborn, he was a Raksha.
And so if he slammed fists with an ordinary Ogre, that Ogre’s fist would be destroyed. Even if they were adults.

And so I told him to only do it with me or Beka.

“Hey, Golan.”
“Golan is sleeping now.”

“Not New Golan.”
“So I’m the old one!”

It didn’t seem very fair.

“Rig came to visit, and he said that there is trouble at the south border.”
“So it finally came.”

Things had been so quiet for some time. But then rumors started to spread. ‘Perhaps Melvis has gone back to sleep?’

And I started to wonder if some idiot would come out in order to put it to the test. And it looked like I was right.

“Alright, I’ll have to prepare for battle. If there is someone foolish enough to attack us, I’ll give them a show they won’t forget.”
“Yay. It will be New Golan’s first battle.”

“You’re going to make him fight!”

Also, stop saying ‘new.’

○ Demon King Tralzard’s Castle – Tralzard

“WHAAT!? Surely it is a mistake?”
“No, It was confirmed multiple times. They were very clear that it was no mistake.”

“Hmm. What could this mean… I suppose it would be best to ask him.”

“King Tralzard, what happened?”
Her voice had been so loud that her Adjutants gathered around her.

“One of my subordinates brought me the updated list for the Tablet of Control… Look at it.”
“…Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Adjutants looked through the list.

“…It must be a mistake.”
“That’s what I thought…hmm. Is it possible that they have the same name?”

“I don’t know…I cannot say for certain. But such a thing is unheard of.”
“To have the same exact name carved into your souls…it doesn’t even happen with twins. Wouldn’t this mean they have the same souls? How can you tell them apart?”

“Indeed… However, it is true?”
“That’s what they say.”

“How very odd.”
“Yes, it’s very odd…”

“Alright, we made it in time.”
The enemy had just crossed the border.

We had moved quickly from the nearest town and arrived right on time.
Not only that, but we had the high ground, which was a great advantage.

“Now, do your best, New Golan.”

“Hey, are you really going to make him fight? Don’t do it. And stop calling him New Golan.”
“Whaat!? It’s fine. Let’s ask New Golan then. So, what do you want to do?”

Beka picked up Golan and held him up in front of me.
“What do you want to do? Do you want to fight?”

“…I, go.”

He could express his own will.
And he wanted to fight.

“See? It’s fine, right?”

“…I suppose. But you better keep an eye on him.”

As always, Beka was so lighthearted about everything.
Oh, well. We just needed to crush the enemy as quickly as possible.

“Alright, all of you! I’m going to explain the plan now.”

“Follow me! That’s all!”

These were the soldiers that I had painstakingly raised.

“Follow me! Hyaaha!”
I dashed up the hill and then rushed down the other side.





My men followed after me.


As did the little Golan.

Immediately after, the furious sounds of clashing echoed everywhere.


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Makai Hongi

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    • It does feel abrupt, but sort of fits with Golans personality of not really carrying and wanting a simple life. There is no sequel and the author hasn’t said anything about continuing the story.

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    So his soul brother is his son now. And also already at the level of Lesser Demon King.
    He has a brother-son…
    Anyways this was a good end. He really did whatever he felt like his whole life. The best words I can use; completely satisfying.

    I am going to miss it though.

  2. It’s weird, it feels abrupt and fitting at the same time. It did feel like the tournament was going to go in a different direction and there are still unanswered questions about Melvis and Yamato but in the end Golan is being his usual self and we wrap up with characters who were there at the start of the novel but had gone for a while: Beka and the other Golan.

    I still wish there was more!

    Thanks for translating this all the way to the end! I really enjoyed it and had some great laughs. ^_^ Will you be taking on another project or will you concentrate on the ones you are already translating?

  3. Thank you for translating this novel!
    I loved it from the first moment. Although this ending feels very abrupt and I feel that the story could still give a little more, I am satisfied.
    That Golan’s son is his soul brother, Golan Ogre, feels a bit weird, also a bit sad that the Golan son doesn’t remember things past.
    I’m curious what Yamato and Melvis will do, I just hope the plan works and the residents of the Demon World don’t have to fight with the humans.
    Thanks again 💙

    • He might not have any memory of his past life, but there is probably still the kind of residual feeling you hear about in reincarnation stories, like a strong bond with his father or the greater than normal elation New Golan feels when he gets to cut loose his full power without his own body rejecting it.

  4. Thanks for translating this series to the end.

    Anyways that sure was abrupt. It kinda feels like the author just didn’t want to keep writing this story so they decided to end it. Doesn’t look like the author will write a sequel series either. Anyways so he ended up with Beka huh? Not surprising but I was also kinda expecting he’d also end up with Farneze and Miralda too. Also that’s really weird, Golan’s Soul Brother ended up reincarnated as his son also named Golan and immediately a Lesser Demon King to boot.

  5. Thank you so much for translating the series!!! I really enjoyed it<3

    Wish there was more to the untold story about the three worlds and how it would turn out…but on another note completely happy with how the ending is although it is indeed very abrupt. Same opinion with the others that i didn't expect the result of the competition but i guess that was more of a realistic outcome and it does suit Golan more as he wants a simple life instead of being a ruler when Melvis isn't here.

    Best of luck to everyone, it was fun <3<3<3 sending lots of love

  6. Hey, thanks for translating this novel.

    I really want to translate it to my language, where did you get the raws? I can only find it to volume 2 ;(

  7. Thanks for the chapter. What an abrupt end, it’s a shame the author didn’t want to continue this story further but it does feel like an ending beffiting Golan.

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