Makai Hongi – 195

Chapter 195

I inspected Dobroy carefully as he stood in front of me.
He was the type of person who didn’t listen to others.

The type that hated being affected by the opinions of others.
It didn’t matter if you were right or wrong. He would not back down.

“You can’t even manage the residents of your own town. How comical. It tells me a lot about who you are.”
“An outsider has no right to interfere here.”

Exactly the response that I was expecting.
We hadn’t quite talked enough…for this to be considered a discussion, but it was already obvious that such attempts would go nowhere.
In that case, there was only one thing to do.

I put my hand on the Deepsea Dragon Sword.

Not too long ago, I had used it to cut Nehyor in half.
I still remembered how it felt.

If someone asked me to do it again, I would say that it was impossible. However, my body did move faster now compared to before my evolution.

Maybe even too fast. But with enough training, I would be able to move in a way that was similar to that time. And here, I had the perfect opponent to practice on. Right in front of me.

“…You’re someone who is at least worthy of being cut down.”

The amount of mana was similar to General Farneze.
If this was before I had evolved, I wouldn’t be able to scratch him, no matter how hard I tried.

And even if I used the Deepsea Dragon Sword, a shallow wound would be all I could hope for.
That’s how strong he was.

“From this point on, none of you need to interfere.”
Dobroy said to the others.
He was really confident. Well, that was no surprise.

“Yes. Don’t you dare get in the way until this is settled. If you do, I’ll break your neck.”
I added.

It wouldn’t matter if I lost. But I didn’t want them to join once he was at a disadvantage.
After all, I was practically in enemy territory.

As both sides understood, they all backed away.

“Sir Dobroy. I have brought your equipment.”

His subordinate had returned. He was out of breath.
Had he run all the way back to the mansion? It couldn’t have been that far. Why was he panting like that?

“Thank you.”
Dobroy smirked.
He took the long rod and heavy-looking shield.

(…A shield? That’s unusual.)

Residents of the Demon World prioritized attacks.
Hardly anyone liked fighting while guarding themselves with a shield.

But Dobroy was equipped with one, which put him in a rare category.
…Wait…a minute.

“…Is that Mana Drain Iron?”
“Oh? So you recognize it.”

How the hell did he get his hands on something like that?
Mana Drain Iron was from one of the most mysterious kinds of ore in the Demon World.

It was pitch black in color and did not glimmer. It was so dark you wouldn’t even call it matte.
It was so black that it looked like a spot that hadn’t been painted in.

(They say that most black in the world has a deep blue mixed in, but not this one. It was ore, but completely black.)

When I had first seen it, I wondered if it was dark matter.

And this Mana Drain Iron…
It just continued to suck in mana and become hard without limit.
It was so hard that it was said to be impossible to break. You could not even carve into it.

(I doubt that even a high-speed diamond cutter would be able to do it.)

It was hard to believe that such a thing could be made into a shield.
It would block even the attack of Demon King.

“…I see. So it just existed in that shape.”

Dobroy’s shield looked like a turtle’s shell that had been roughly carved out.
However, if you looked closely, it really did just seem like a mass of rock.

In other words, they had not processed the Mana Drain Ore, but they had found something that was already in that shape.
And while it would usually be too heavy to carry, someone like Dobroy could hold it with one hand without any trouble.

“This shield is unbeatable.”
He smiled mischievously.

(Shit. I’m going to crush him no matter what.)

I was so pissed off now.
This shield was likely the reason that Dobroy had been able to climb up to this position.

A shield that blocked a Demon King’s attacks.
He must have used it to take down one rival after another.

And so he was confident in his victory.
Of course, he was. My Deepsea Dragon Sword didn’t have a chance of getting through it.

And if I tried using magic or put mana into my attacks, it would just get drained.

“I see… Well, I guess I won’t be needing this then.”
I gave the Deepsea Dragon Sword to Stomel.

“Sir Golan. You’re going to fight without a weapon?”
“I don’t need it.”

Stomel looked shocked. But I knew that it wouldn’t be any use to me.

“Hey, foolish entourage. If you even lift a finger in his defense, I’ll kill you all without saying a word.”
I threatened them, just in case.

“That’s right. This is a proper Demon World duel. One against one. There is no need to join in.”
Dobroy agreed with a smirk.

“Well, I’m starting to really wonder who my dojo master was.”
In my past life, he had taught me how to fight against someone who carried a shield.

I would never have thought…it would come in handy here.
And so I bared my teeth and laughed.

In my past life, I had often trained fighting against enemies while I was unarmed and they had weapons.
And the reverse as well.

Usually, the dojo master was lazy and left everything to me. But when it came to specific, special training like that, he suddenly became very lively.
Perhaps I was his test subject every time he wanted to experiment with a new idea.

For instance, what to do when someone stops your blade with their bare hands.
I had once seriously swung at the dojo master.
Of course, with the intention to kill.

However, he expertly caught the blades with his hands. And while I stood there in shock, he pushed the blade down and kicked me in the jaw.

It had all happened so fast that I was unable to react. But it was also because I wasn’t cautious enough.
Apparently, what you were supposed to do was twist the handle as soon as they grab it, cutting their hands, and then pull the blade out.

But if the enemy happens to be too strong for you to turn the blade, then you should let go and move away.
However, the principle of leverage was on your side, so unless there was a ridiculous difference in strength, the person holding the sword should win.

I had undergone such special training. So much that I had gotten sick of it.

(In cases where the enemy has a weapon and shield while I’m empty handed…)

Of course, this was also a scenario I had trained in thoroughly.

I raised both hands and grabbed Dobroy.
Unsurprisingly, Dobroy tried to block me with his shield.

And so I changed targets and grabbed the shield instead.
Dobroy would not be able to see me. After all, he was raising the shield high into the air.

(Move like the current…)

As soon as I grabbed the shield with both hands, I rotated it clockwise.
Not just all my strength, but even my weight was behind the movement.

And since Dobroy was holding it with just one hand, he could not withstand it, and the shield began to turn.
After it turned to a certain degree. What do you know?

“You let go of it.”
If you knew how joints worked, it was the obvious result. Once your wrist turns, you are unable to use any force.

I was holding the shield in my hands, while Dobroy…

Was holding just his weapon in one hand and staring at me, mouth agape.
It was the shield that even a Demon King couldn’t get passed. It was so heavy. It was all I could do to hold it with both hands.

I was truly impressed. It was no wonder that he was a Lesser Demon King.

However, to bring out such a rare thing and wave it in front of me like this…it was like he was begging me to take it from him.

“Alright, now it’s my turn.”
I said with a grin.

Well, it was always my turn.

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