Makai Hongi – 194

Chapter 194


“Stop your whining.”
I was in the middle of punishing the bastards who had tormented the Jewel Pigeons.

That being said, I really hadn’t done much.
I just grabbed them as they came out of the water like a pack of wet rats, and then dunk them into the water.

Pulled them out and dunked them in again. Rinse and repeat.

At first they resisted wildly and cursed at me. But they grew quiet after a while.
Though. it seemed like it would take more than that to make them understand their position, as they started insulting me most rudely again. And so I dunked them more thoroughly the next time. After that, they started crying.

“Um…Sir Golan.”
“Just give me another minute. With guys like these, you have to work them a little to make them cooperate. Or else they won’t listen to you.”

Yes. This was just the first step in their discipline.
They were a combat type race who were using their non-combat neighbors for target practice.
Such a thing was not to be forgiven.

In my country, you would be beaten to a pulp for doing that. I’d kill them myself if I saw someone doing the same to our comrades.

“You must feel really lucky that I’m a kind person.”


They were coughing and crying.
That meant they would soon be open to listening to what I had to say. And then we could settle things with words.

Sometimes the fist did come out during talks…well, the leg too. But that was just the grease that helped things move along smoothly.

“I think that’s quite enough violence against the residents of my town.”

I was in the lake, with the water up to my waist.
A chill ran up my spine.

“…So you’re in charge here?”

I slowly turned around to see someone very big and tall. But not a Horned.
But more importantly, the person’s mana was so high that I couldn’t tell how much there was.

It was definitely higher than Dyle’s.
Perhaps not as high as General Miralda, but it was higher than Halm and Minish.

In other words, the level of a Lesser Demon King.

“I’m not the ruler here, but our lord is absent right now. And in the meantime, I am keeping the peace.”

“…Oh. So in others, your lack of supervision is the reason that they’ve been acting this way.”
“What did they do?”

“You want to ask them?”
I threw them forward, wet and limp.

“…I understand now. However, one mustn’t take the law into their own hands. And in the first place…”
“I’m out of line because I’m not from here?”

“Exactly. So why did you do it if you already knew? You should have just called someone from the town.”
“But these people are from the same town. How can I trust the others?”

“You just have to. You have no choice.”

“Trust them… Regardless, you should thank me for rehabilitating these scum. After all, I’ve been doing your job for you.”

“I thought I just told you that you can’t take the law into your own hands?”

“Well, did you know? Know that it wasn’t their first time? The Jewel Pigeons won’t come down from the mountain because they are scared of being targeted by these guys. However, do you think it’s possible to survive if you’re forced to stay in the mountains?”

“It would be difficult.”

“Of course, it would be. You can’t live like that. That’s why they made a settlement near the town. …They only come down from the mountain when they absolutely have to. And this is what happens when they are caught. Then these bastards get carried away because you refuse to do anything, and the damage continues. …So let me ask you again. Will this really be dealt with properly if I leave it to someone in the town? Can you swear that it will never happen again?”

“I can.”

“What is so amusing?”

“You’re a liar. You know that it will continue. You just lied in order to settle things for now. Are all those eyes for decoration? Don’t underestimate me!”

The person that I was talking to had so many eyes that I didn’t even want to try and count them.
He was apparently called Dobroy.

And as I had expected, he was a Lesser Demon King.

My words were not well received by his entourage.
The many-eyed races were unusual in that the number of eyes determined how strong they were.

They had a wide variety of special abilities. And considering how many eyes Dobroy had, it was no wonder he was a Lesser Demon King.
Of course, I didn’t care about any of that.

There were these bastards who injured their comrades for entertainment, and then these others who did nothing about it. That’s what the residents of this town were like.

(Now I know why mother was furious with me. Even if they were only watching someone being hurt, it still made me mad.)

“The proper measures will be taken.”
“Huh… Like what? Don’t tell me that you can’t talk about it.”

“I will make them repent.”
“…Hmph. I see.”

I stood up and grabbed the shaking bullies.

“What are you going to do?”
“Apparently, in this town you just have to apologize after you hurt someone. And that makes things fine.”

They realized what I was going to do, and they tried to run away. But I was holding them tightly. They didn’t have a chance.

“I’ve already told you that this is no place for a vigilante.”

“Why don’t you talk to them instead of me? You’re wrong, by the way. You’re also a liar. I don’t think you’re fit to manage a town.”

Make them repent? As if that would work. He should make them stop, even if it meant beating them half to death.
Large towns always had scum like these.

Once they knew that they were being watched, they would just continue their mischief in secret.
That’s what kind of people they were.

They needed to feel the fear in their very core. If their spirit was not broken, then their victims would only increase.

“I will not allow people to act like this in front of me.”
“You don’t have your priorities straight. However, I never turn down a challenge. But be warned, I can be very scary. Argh!”

“Sir Golan. You do realize that you will have to go and meet the Demon King after this?”
Stomel interjected.

“Sorry. But there are some things that I can’t back down on.”

I didn’t want to ignore such a thing that had happened in front of my eyes. And I knew that it would continue to happen. I had to do something.

“Bring my equipment.”

So Dobroy wasn’t going to back down either.
This would be quite a fight.

“I’ll use my sword.”
I was confident with it, but this was a Lesser Demon King.
Who knew what would happen?

We glared silently at each other.

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  1. Thanka for the chapter!
    I thought Golan was just acting aggressive last chapter but now I get he was completely right. He didn’t just yell at them not to do it again and naively believe they would stop. Love characters that understand stuff like that.

  2. Defend the pigeons!
    I think a lot of us empathize with people who are bullied, it’s a common experience. I wish more people would rise up to defend others just maybe not as violently as Golan does it…
    But of course bullying isn’t solved so easily in real life.

    Thank you for the chapter.

  3. I’m looking forward to Golan absolutely destroying this guy. So what if he’s a Lesser Demon King? Nehyor is one too and Golan sliced him in half. This guy can’t be any tougher than Nehyor.

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