Makai Hongi – 6

Chapter 6


It wasn’t just Lobos, all the other Commanders present were now looking at me.


“Guden served under me for nearly 50 years. I think that his mana was just a little below yours, Lobos? Do you think you would have beaten him for sure if you fought him?”


“His hard skin would be troublesome for sure. But I would not lose.”


“You would overwhelm him with your speed, and damage him a little by little, perhaps? But he is a High Ogre. They’re a tough breed. And you would lose if he was able to land a serious hit. In a one on one battle, I wonder if your energy and fortitude would have lasted long enough? …Well, leaving that aside, what is certain is that Golan defeated him in Gekokujyo. The orb of control says so.”


“That’s true. Then it must be so.”


“Look at Golan. He is nearly unhurt. I am interested to know how he fought, but that’s not the problem here. As we can all tell, he has incredibly low mana. It’s practically a joke.”



“I wonder how low it was before he became Commander. How was he able to beat Guden like that?”



“I think you understand what I mean. Golan can fight in a way that doesn’t rely entirely on the amount of mana he has. And so I am not allowing you to fight with him. We have a battle to wage tomorrow, and we can’t let anything get in the way of that, can we?”

“If that is your command, Nehyor. Yes.”


“So, now that we have settled the matter, let’s have a new chair brought to us. Golan, you must not take chairs away from other people. We didn’t have another one here, because Guden never bothered to show up.”


Nehyor clapped his hands and another chair was brought out.

I sat down, and the wise wolf sulkily got off of the table.


“Well, this is a good time to make introductions. To the left, we have Lobos and Bian. To the right, we have Iribo and Grobo. And this is Golan. You are all important comrades. Remember that.”


Lobos the wise wolf and Bian the flying eagle, huh.

And the goblins were Iribo and Grobo. Hmm, could I remember all that? I’d probably forget.


Iribo had a giant bow on is back, so he was likely an archer.

I had heard that the archers in that army were especially strong. Turns out, they were led by a goblin. That was surprising.


As the table was a rectangle, I sat down so that I was facing Corps Commander Nehyor.


“Now, let’s begin. I want you all to look at the map.”


Everyone’s eyes fell to the map that was spread out on the table.


…I didn’t get it. Now that I think about it, where were we?


I had underestimated the war council of demons.

Perhaps it was because I had spent so much time with meathead ogres. I had not even dreamed that such advanced strategies were being discussed day and night.


Well, maybe that was an exaggeration.

But I was impressed that they all took the whole thing very seriously. And what I meant by that…


“As we have a newcomer with us today, I will explain as I go.”

And so Corps Commander Nehyor explained the plan in great detail to us.


It was all nonsense to me in the beginning, but I slowly started to understand what he was saying.


“And so–here. We have to protect the lookout hill over here.”

The place that we were currently located was called the lookout hill. I didn’t even know that.


“In short, yes. That’s very good, Golan.”

Was he mocking me? Or praising me? I couldn’t tell.


But this war wasn’t too complicated.

The enemy wanted to defeat us, and so soldiers invaded our country.

In order to stop them, several corps were sent out to drive them back.


We were defending the lookout hill.

The main base where Corps Commander Nehyor resided was on the top of this hill. It was from here that we defended in three separate groups.


Makai Hongi

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  1. You are telling me the attacker has a fort and the defender open plains? Does the author need to lay such a heavy hand to make the MC look as the “Good Guy”?

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