Makai Hongi – 80

Chapter 80

The half human and half snake Lamias were not hostile towards Garuda.
While they were both snakes, that was one area they were quite different, compared to the Naga.

Instead, they were often enemies with a tribe who made their settlements in wastelands, known as the Donestre.

Donestre looked like humans but had the heads of lions.
In other words, they were the exact opposite of Lamias. Perhaps that was why they didn’t get along.

“I’m Golan, an Ogre. I’m in charge of the surrounding lands.”

I was allowed to say that, right? Somehow, I felt as if my position wasn’t quite set in stone these days. It was rather uncomfortable.

“I’m Dalmia, a Lamia.”
“I-I see.”

There was something very overpowering about Dalmia.
She was a young woman and wore clothes that stuck tightly to her body.
Kind of like a bathing suit.

The other Lamias were likely wearing something similar. However, I couldn’t tell, as they did not come out of the water.

“I got a report from the nearby Ogre village, and came here to investigate.”
Dalmia’s eyes suddenly shone sharply.

She had elongated pupils, just like a snake.
It was intimidating to be glared at by such eyes.

“Of course, I’m not coming here to make any demands. I just want to know what is happening. Where did you come from? Why are you here?”

Silence. I had suspected that this would happen, given the vibe I got from them. We would not be able to talk.

“Very well. That’s fine. I won’t force you if you don’t want to talk.”
“…Do you mean it?”

“If you don’t want to tell me.”

I doubted the Lamia had come here because they wanted to.
There must have been a reason. Something had forced them.

“Thank you.”

“However, you will have to answer some other questions for me. For instance, food. What do you eat, and how do you acquire it?”

They were in an area where there was plenty of water grass.
Serpent-type monsters rarely lived in cities, and so not many people knew about how they lived.

“The insects and fish in the lakes. Also the water grass. And we sometimes eat the animals that come to drink.”

It was the answer I had expected. However, there was something that didn’t feel right.

“There is a lake right outside of this cave. Is that the one?”
Dalmia nodded.

“But I didn’t see any tracks that suggested Lamia have been in and out of this cave.”
There had been no traces of movement on the ground.

Even someone like me would have noticed a fallen scale.
“…This place is connected to the bottom of the lake.”

I see. So that’s why.
This underground lake was connected to the lake outside.

“I have one other question. Would you attack Ogres…or any other species?”
Dalmia shook her head.

“And it’s the same with the others who are behind you?”
“They will not attack. We just want to live here.”

“…Alright. Then it’s fine. I will go and talk to the Ogre village. As long as both sides do not bother each other, you might as well live here.”

“…Are you certain?”
“This place is still my territory. So you have my permission until someone takes my place.”

Normally, I probably should just drive them out. But if they were just going to live inside the cave and occasionally hunt by the lake, I didn’t see the problem. No one else lived in the area to begin with.

“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. However, if you start running wild and attacking other tribes, I will have to make you leave.”

“I understand.”

I noticed something just as I was about to leave.
The number of faces sticking out of the water had doubled. There really were quite a lot of them, huh.

I hid the fact that I was losing courage, and quickly left the cave.
In fact, the Lamias were not a pure combat race. But they did have higher mana than Ogres.

If the average warrior was pitted against each other, one on one, the Ogre would likely lose.
That’s how much of a threat they were.

So I was very relieved that nothing had come of this.

And so I went to the nearby village and explained the situation to them.
While they would not be able to use one of the sources of water, it was not much trouble for them. And so they did not mind that some unknown tribe had started to live there.

“I would avoid going near it unless you have to.”
They were not under Melvis’s control, and it was unlikely that they would ever consider each other allies.

It was even possible that they could bump into each other and start fighting.
And so I was very clear about that possibility before returning to my village.

“Still, Lamias, eh? I suppose I should tell General Farneze about this.”

She would not like the idea of a tribe that wasn’t under anyone’s control living here. But I didn’t think there was any reason to drive them out, as long as they kept to themselves.

And so I intended to persuade her if she disagreed. But I had a feeling that she would trust me.

When I arrived at the village, I was told that I had a guest.

“What? Don’t I get to rest even a little?”

I asked who it was, and was told that it was a Vampire.
Surely it wasn’t Nehyor? Perhaps one of his men?

I grabbed the Deep Sea Dragon sword, which I had set up as decoration, and then went to meet this guest.

“…It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am adjutant Atrasushia’s assistant. My name is Myone.”
She was a young Vampire. A young girl, really.

“And I’m Golan the Ogre.”
I remembered the name ‘Atrasushia.’

She was one of the General’s adjutants who had been sent to the castle in order to monitor Nehyor.

Myone had an impressive mana level.

“Now, Golan, Commander of the flying corps. My superior has discovered the purpose of Nehyor, the rebel. And I was sent to inform you of it.”

Myone nodded heavily.

So, Nehyor really had gone out and done it.

Also, had they settled on a title for me?

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  1. I wonder if the “flying” in “Flying Corps” refers to mobility in the way that he’s going to be sent here and there and everywhere.

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