Ryusousha – 56

Chapter 56


The audience chamber for Shadows that was located in the Royal Palace.


It was currently filled with an air of oppression.


The six who were present during Leon’s training had been quiet for some time now.

They stood before Her Majesty with bowed heads, waiting for her to say something.


To the side of the room, the 15 Left Hands who guarded the interior of the Royal Palace, glared at the six Shadows who were bowing.

Hif, the leader of the Left Hands, was included in their ranks.


The queen sat in the far back and gazed at this scene.


“So, even in your own territory, you are unable to move in a satisfactory manner.”


They could not respond.

The initial plan had to be to show the difference in power and preserve the pride of the Left Hands.


Leon’s power was Shadow Crossing. And it was well suited for invasion. And even though it was their job to guard the outside and inside of the castle, they realized that they were unable to detect him.


They were now searching for magic that could detect shadows, but they weren’t sure if such a method existed.

Currently, there was nothing they could do.


It was humiliating, but he was stronger than them.

Her Majesty knew this quite well, and they had to accept it.


Still, they had wanted to use this opportunity to show their own power.

It was just supposed to be training, after all.


“It was his first time guarding this place. A place that you all know very well. And yet you could do nothing?”


It was because he asked them this so calmly that the meaning stabbed deeply in their hearts.





Hif interrupted.


Hif put a hand on his chin and thought. He was an important Left Hand that had served the royal family since the time of the previous king.


“We could increase their number?”




“I don’t think it will help…I’m sorry.”



It would have been easy to criticize them for being weak. He could laugh at their lack of spirit.

However, Hif did not feel like doing that.


They had said that doubling the number of Left Hands that protected the outer compound would be meaningless.

And they were likely right.


“Is it just that Leon is so strong. Or is it…”

The queen spoke for the first time.


Everyone knew what she meant to say.

And they also knew that they could not allow her to think about it.


“This Shadow Crossing ability is what is special. It’s why he is worthy of complete absolution.”

They could not say that it was their own spinelessness.


“I see. Then perhaps the roles should be changed. I hear there are some capable Shadows in the countryside.”

Such words would likely come from her mouth.


While they were angry at being bested, he was special.

They had to say it.


“I see. That’s fine, then.”


That was the ending signal.

Hif waved his hand and Siluru and the other Left Hands stood up and left.


“I’m going to retire to my room for the day.”



Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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