Ryusousha – 78

Chapter 78


The woman in front of me knew who I was.

I had considered feigning ignorance, but she knew my face, name, and school.


Denying it here might result in her coming back every day and blowing this whole thing out of proportion.

I wanted to avoid that.


I made sure that there were no other customers in the store, and then made up my mind.


“Yes, I am Leon. And who are you?


“Oh, but we’ve met before. Well, we didn’t actually exchange words…”


She seemed like she wasn’t sure how to put it. I now had a good guess.


“I suppose it was at the Royal Academy?”

“Yes! I’m a Second-Year there. I am called Anne. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Master Leon.”

I knew it.


A student of the Royal Academy.

But there were a lot more luxurious stores on the way here. The chances of meeting one of them should have been quite low.


That being said, I usually worked in the back and had completely forgotten that I had to be careful around customers that were near my own age.

It was incredibly careless of me.


“I’m sorry. In this bakery, I’m just an employee. And you…Miss Anne, are a customer. So you will have to refrain from calling me that. Besides, I don’t want to inconvenience this store, and so I’m hiding my identity from civilians.”


“Oh, is that so? How thoughtless of me.”


Anne quickly apologized. It was clear that she had been raised in a good household.

She was well-mannered and educated.


“So, do you recognize me from the gatherings?”

“Yes. We were at the same table during the first one.”


Anne said with a smile. Seeing that expression helped jog my memory a little.

She didn’t stick out, as she wasn’t as bold as the others. But I do believe she had been at the same table.


“I remember now. I think you said something about being from Gikoku?”

“Oh, so you do remember me!”


It wasn’t as if the Royal Academy accepted students from other countries…with open arms.

It was apparently really difficult for them to even apply.


You needed permission from both countries and the fees were even higher than what Ryukoku students paid.

Perhaps that wasn’t surprising, given the amount of tax money that went into running the Royal Academy.


Still, I had heard that many people from Gikoku and Shoukoku still applied.


So, Miss Anne must be quite important to have been allowed to enroll.

I would have to ask the queen about it later.


“So, Master Leon…no, I suppose I should call you Mister Leon?”

“Just call me Leon. I am younger than you, after all.”


That’s what Rosanna called me, and she was a Third-Year.

I wondered how she was doing now. I hoped she wasn’t being bullied. She was one of those people I found it hard to dislike.


“Very well. I will call you Leon from now on then.”

Anne said with a smile. From now on?


“Well, uh, I’ll call you Miss Anne.”

“Yes. …I was just wondering, would you like to come and dine with me when you are finished?”


I had to suppress the awkwardness I felt as I answered. But then she wasted no time in inviting me.

I knew this would happen. But this was a person who attended the Royal Academy from abroad.

I didn’t have to ask what her intentions were.


“I’m sorry, but I’ll be quite busy for a while.”

She didn’t hide the disappointment from showing on her face.


That wasn’t really good for the reputation of the store.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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