Ryusousha – 79

Chapter 79


“So, I think it is time that you explain what is happening.”


It was the third day of the school break.

We were at the same restaurant that we went to previously.


It was here that Linda started her interrogation.


“I was working at the bakery one morning. And Miss Anne just happened to recognize me.”

I emphasized that it was a coincidence. In other words, it could not have been avoided.


“A bakery? What?”

Linda’s eyes blinked.


Now that I thought about it, I had forgotten to tell her.


“You know that my father and mother met each other in this city, right?”


“I heard about that, yes. Your mother discovered your father while he was training here. And then she dragged him back to her house.”


Dragged… Was that the way the rest of the world saw it? Well, never mind that.


“There’s this bakery that they both worked at when they were younger. And they are letting me work there now.”

“Work? But, you’re going to be a Dragon Master, aren’t you?”


She didn’t seem to understand. The academy provided clothes, food, and shelter. There was no need to work.

So it must have seemed strange.


“But you know, it’s not like we are forbidden from working. And I’ve always baked bread, ever since I was little. You can’t just expect me to give up that life out of the blue.”


I wasn’t working in order to live. I was just trying to extend the life I had known up until now.


“Well, I do remember you saying something like that before. …So, where is this place?”

“It’s in the commercial district. A place called ‘Fluffy Bouloire.’ Though, I work in the back and rarely show my face up front.”


“You did say it was a coincidence. So, you just happened to come out and then you met her?”


“Exactly. I never expected to be recognized. It would have caused trouble if she started visiting the store after that or spread strange rumors about me. So I decided to meet with her outside in exchange for her silence.”


“Hmm. …Well, it that’s the case, I suppose I will have to forgive you.”

I had no idea why I needed Linda’s forgiveness.


“I’m glad you understand.”

That’s all that mattered. This conversation was over.


“Hey, would you mind if I went to see this bakery?”

Had she been listening at all?


“I’m meeting her outside because I don’t want people to come to the bakery.”


“So, this Anne person isn’t going to the bakery anymore?”

“Well, she just wants to go to a place with Gikoku-style bread…besides, I won’t be there most of the time. That being said, I doubt she’s actually coming back.”


“Ah, that’s right. Your family also makes Gikoku-style bread. It tastes good, but they are too small for my liking.”

Good but too small… Ryukoku people all said the same thing.

They also complained about it being expensive.


Words of praise were always about its softness and taste.

However, the price and size were what people tended to talk about the most.


It was most apparent when you held the bread in both hands. It was very light.

Some people preferred it that way, while many said it felt like they hadn’t eaten anything.


It was up to your personal taste.

But it was good that it wasn’t too popular, or we’d have a lot of rival stores pop up.

The current amount of recognition was probably for the best. And I wasn’t just saying that because I was a sore loser.


“I’ll only be there during the early morning once the break ends. Would you still go if I wasn’t there?”

“I guess there would be no point then.” Linda muttered.


So, that had been her purpose after all.


“Alright, then this place can be our regular meeting spot. It’s decided then.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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  1. Author took down the WN (and some other works) from narou, stated that they’ll eventually be reposting it elsewhere. After corrections/edits?

    That was the old url for the raw.
    Narou series haven’t been available through the wayback machine for a few years now, but I didn’t realize that until just now.
    I guess there are no other backups either, unless a person saved a copy of the story for themselves.

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