Makai Hongi – 10

Chapter 10


There was a reason why I told them to ignore the wraiths.

Wraiths were mostly immune to physical attacks.


However, wraiths were also unable to use physical attacks against us.

On the other hand, their special ability, ‘Hand of the Dead’ was very dangerous.


When they touched you with the ‘Hand of the Dead,’ your body would become slightly paralyzed.

And if they touched you over and over again, you would eventually lose the ability to move completely.


Up until yesterday, this had happened repeatedly, resulting in the immobile ogres being impaled by the orc spears.

This was the reason why the orcs, who were supposed to be weaker, always seemed to get the upper hand.


“Go in! To the far back!”


We climbed over the walls and killed the orcs that were hiding inside. Then we ran to the far back in search of more enemies.


“So, it was the Tattered Tribe that was firing the magic attacks.”

They wore filthy, ash-colored robes that covered their entire body and head. They were raising both hands in the air and chanting curses.


The Tattered Tribe’s special ability was ‘Blast Bullet.’

It was like a cannon for very long-distance attacks. But their defenses were as thin as paper, and they could not use close-quarters attacks, and so I left them to the mercy of the others.


“Let’s kill the enemy boss! Anyone who is free, follow me!”


Surely there was a Commander here. Someone just like me.

And if I defeated him, then this battle would be over.


No matter where you were in the Demon World, the orb of control was used by superiors.

As soon as the superior officer died on the battlefield, then all of his subordinates would grow weaker. And then they would run away.


In other words, those who were tough and powerful were chosen as superior officers. So, who was it now?



One of my ogre comrades came flying through the air.


But from what I could see, there were no enemies around us that looked like they would be strong with physical attacks.

But then again, there was so much chaotic fighting, and dust filled the air, making it difficult to see ahead.


The person who had sent that ogre into the air had to be in that dust.

And so I prepared to fight him.


What soon appeared in front of me, was a giant four-legged beast.

It had great, long fangs coming out of its jaw.


Well, if I had to compare it to an animal that existed on earth, I would say it was close to the extinct sabertooth tiger.

In fact, it was even called a ‘Taiga.’


If the wise wolf Lobos was the size of a tiger, then this beast was closer to an elephant.

He also had much more mana than Lobos. It was really closer to Nehyor.


“Is he a Corps Commander?”


Then something hit me.

Which country were we fighting?


No matter where you were in the Demon World, there was a struggle of dominance occurring.

It was like the Sengoku era of Japan. The constant rivalry between warlords.


Within fiction, perhaps it was the closest to Fist of the North Star.

Of course, there was no savior here. People fought year in and year out.


About 20 years ago, far to the south, a hole opened up in the sky.

Invaders from the Celestial World had opened this hole and come descended. This all happened before I was born.


The Demon King was killed then, and the lands he controlled were thrown into chaos.

Once the hole was closed again, the generals and commanders separated. And each created their own country. And they’ve been fighting ever since.

And now there were seven countries.


Makai Hongi

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