Makai Hongi – 11

Chapter 11


Taigas were categorized as monsters.

They were not humanoid and only moved on four legs.


Perhaps you could think of them as a stronger version of the wise wolves. But it was hard for me to imagine how I could beat it.


The battle techniques that I’ve been honing in the Demon World were based on martial arts I had learned in Japan.

Of course, I had altered them so I could efficiently make use of the power of ogres.

But these techniques were meant to be used against humans. They wouldn’t work on a beast.


“I can’t exactly lure it into a trap either.”


Monsters weren’t the same thing as an oversized beast.

They were intelligent and could even talk.


The enemy glared at its surrounding before targeting me.


“I didn’t believe it at first. Are you really the captain here?”

“You better believe it. Did you come to serve the tea?”


“I thought it strange that they sent such a small group, and now I find out that they are led by someone’s errand boy. How insulting.”


Well, I couldn’t argue with that. We had so few people that it made me wonder if they hated us.

However, that didn’t mean his words didn’t annoy me.


“Our task is just to take this stronghold. I think we have enough for that. No, maybe we have too many?”

I said with a laugh. The Taiga’s face changed to an expression of rage.


I didn’t know why, but the residents of the Demon World had very low resistance to provocation.

They wouldn’t last a day on Japanse message boards.


“Save your boasts for when you actually defeat me!”


He was ready to fight.

Not that either of us had any choice in the matter.


My grip on the iron club tightened.

When humans battled monsters, the weapon was a major deciding factor in whether you lived or died.


Well, I didn’t expect it to make a huge difference here, but it was still important.


As I was thinking this, three of my comrades charged towards the enemy.

“Hey, stop!”


I shouted, but it was too late.

With one swing of his claws, two of the ogres were chopped into three pieces. The six chunks tumbled to the ground. The other one was bitten into, and his head and body parts went flying in all different directions.


“…Having a weapon really might not make a difference.”

I was mad that I couldn’t accurately measure its mana level, but I felt that it was probably a little less than Corps Commander Nehyor.


Still, when you reached that class, the difference in power was overwhelming.

We hadn’t even taken the stronghold yet, and my life was like a candle in the wind.


However, I had to do it. I had to protect the others.

“The rest of you, stand back!”


I roared. And the others who had started to charge towards the monster stopped in their tracks.


“A good decision. But it won’t make a difference. Not a hair on my body would get tired, even if all of you attacked me at once.”


That may be. That was how wide the gap was.

The reason that Gekokujyo was so popular in the Demon World…


It was because the weak had no chance of beating the strong.

There were no miracles when there was a difference in strength.


“…Well, that’s what they say, but it’s really because everyone’s fighting style is so simple.”

If you were just slamming your fists at each other head-on, then upsets would be rather rare.


“Let’s go then.”

The enemy lept.


It reminded me of something I had seen on tv once. I tiger jumping towards its prey.

He would try and grab me with his front legs and sink his claws into my body.



Makai Hongi

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